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Shoreditch Business Club

Cost-effective memberships to suit your business

At The Brew, we understand that your level of membership depends on where you are in the life-cycle of your business and your current needs at the time. That’s why we offer you cost-effective, flexible membership options, with a free starting point, without diluting our offering or level of service.

A business club can be a vital part of growing a business, giving you access to networking opportunities and essential services that can help you boost profitability. But, we know, from talking to small business owners, that other expensive membership costs can mean you’re wasting money on exorbitant fees. So at The Brew, our tiered membership is designed to be competitive and allow you to choose which services you need now, and you can choose to upgrade in the future.

Despite our budget friendly prices our dedicated Community Managers are always on hand to ensure a high-level of service. They help make our clubs and community, accessible and thriving places to do business. We operate on the ethos ‘by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs’ and everything we do and deliver is about providing a professional, creative and productive environment that inspires collaboration and innovation.

Why The Brew?

If you've tried co-working, shared offices or traditional London office space, but you're looking for more bang for your buck, then The Brew is the perfect alternative!

We cater to every business owner, whether you’re a freelancer just starting up or an established business managing a team of 100. But that’s not the only reason you should choose The Brew as your business club, we create opportunities for you to grow, whatever your industry.

Our Shoreditch based business clubs are perfectly placed to be accessible from the rest of London.

  • Creatively designed and fit for purpose – The Brew club's have been designed with your needs in mind with added creative flair.
  • Community and social activities – Our regular social events foster a collaborative environment and provide the ideal space to network.
  • Diverse company composition – We’re open to all industries, presenting you with more opportunities.

You only need to pay a single, monthly fee to access all the benefits open to your chosen membership option.

  • Value for money – We offer value for money, delivering you high-standard services in a prime location without blowing your budget.
  • Flexibility – We know your business needs can change, so we allow you to adjust your membership whenever you want to best suit your budget.

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