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EU friends – Hackney Loves You!

Dec 07, 2017


The Brew is supporting the #HackneyLovesYou campaign


Share your stories of how EU nationals contribute to Hackney life


The Mayor of Hackney has taken a stand amid the Brexit turmoil, with a letter to the Prime Minister asking her to guarantee the rights of the 41,500 EU nationals living in the borough. The letter, signed by Mayor Philip Glanville and 20 other Labour council leaders around London, forms part of the #HackneyLovesYou campaign, to show EU residents they’re welcome and valued here.

EU nationals make up 13% of the Capital’s workforce, contributing billions to the economy, and making a huge social and cultural contribution to London life. They are particularly vital for social care and public health, making up 10% of doctors and 7% of nurses. Their potential departure from London would have serious repercussions, not only on public services, but also on the unique diversity of Hackney - and the whole city.

With one of the strongest Remain votes in the referendum, Hackney has a responsibility to show our EU friends, family and neighbours how much we love and value them, letting them know that they are more than welcome in our fantastic borough.

To help show your support, send your stories about how EU nationals contribute to life in Hackney to mayor@hackney.gov.uk or tweet with the hashtag #hackneylovesyou. You’ll even receive a gorgeous ‘I Love Hackney’ badge for your efforts!

You can read the full letter here