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Promoting your SME - Tips and Tricks

Nov 14, 2017


Every SME needs a way to promote itself – word isn’t going to find its way out of your London coworking office and into the ether without a little help, no matter how brilliant the product or service you’re offering. Fortunately, there are a number of inventive ways to promote your business while keeping costs to a minimum, from starting a blog to getting active on social media – here, The Brew explore the best of them.


Social Media

If you haven’t already embraced the promotional potential of social media, then it should undoubtedly be your very first step. Hidden among all the funny cat pictures and inspirational sloganeering is a powerful marketing tool with an estimated potential audience of over 3 billion people.


Each of the major sites has unique features that can be used to drive engagement, and making use of multiple platforms with carefully tailored content and a clear social strategy can help reach as wide an audience as possible.


However, the benefits of social media extend far beyond its use as a promotional tool – it can also help as way of centralising several different processes, from communicating directly with customers to networking and audience research.



Writing blog posts on your SME’s area of expertise can be a way to engage your audience with content that is more detailed and extensive than the relative brevity of social media sites like Twitter. Contributing to the major dialogues taking place within your field will help you build up a reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced organisation.


If you’re starting your own company blog, make sure to post regularly so that your audience maintains interest. However, you can also reach out to influential bloggers within your field, offering a free trial of your product or service in exchange for their review of it.



With so much online activity taking place via search engines, making sure that you appear as prominently in search results as possible is a huge advantage. Learning the ropes of Search Engine Optimisation can be a simple but effective way to ensure that you’re one of the very first SMEs in your field that potential customers see as they browse their options via their search engine of choice.


Listing Services

Several search engines have local listing services, for which your business can register to increase the chances of being discovered by someone browsing your local area. For example, registering on Google Places means that you’ll show up on Google Maps, while Yahoo! Local and Bing have similar business databases.


Sharing Tools

Icons for sharing your content on social media are free and simple to implement across most platforms. They effectively allow your audience to promote your content themselves, increasing awareness without any further input from your end.


Whether you’re a small team operating out of a coworking space in Shoreditch or an entrepreneur striking out alone from your bedroom-turned-office space, these promotional tools are all simple, effective ways of reaching a whole new audience – all without having to break the bank.