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The Brew partners with Small Business Grants - offering £5,000 monthly in free-to-enter competition

Sep 07, 2017


We're always looking for exciting ways to help small business develop and grow, so it's fantastic to announce our partnership with Small Business Grants - a new funding initiative from the excellent SME advice website SmallBusiness.co.uk

Small Business Grants is a free-to-enter competition offering a prize of £5,000 every month to the brightest UK small businesses turning over between £50,000 and £500,000.

All you need to do to apply is to complete a simple form, discussing your business and why you deserve to win.

Your application will be considered by a panel of independent judges made up of successful entrepreneurs and heads of leading business organisations (including The Brew's Managing Director, Andrew Clough). The monthly winner will be revealed in the middle of the following month, with the prize distributed soon after.

Small Business Grants was created in response to the many monthly enquiries SmallBusiness.co.uk received from entrepreneurs looking for more information on what financial assistance is available to help them, start, run, grow and succeed.

Whether you are launching a cafe, running a business from home, or perhaps taking on a franchise arm, you will require funds to start and grow your company. Depending on the type of business, this requirement may vary from a few hundred pounds to multiple thousands.

While some companies may be able to get away with minimal investment in equipment and staff at the beginning, others will be faced with immediate expenditures that are key to establishing their company.

The Small Business Grants initiative will help small businesses in this area, through a simple, user-friendly entry process; a welcome break from the complicated and time-consuming applications required for other grant initiatives. 

In your submission, make sure you include as much information as possible on your successes so far. Be sure to give figures and examples where you can, such as turnover growth, key contracts won, partnerships forged, or anything else that helped your business move forward, as this will help your nomination.

Please submit your entries here: Small Business Grants

Good luck!