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The Often Overlooked Issues with Working from Home

Jul 13, 2017


Working from home can sound like the ultimate dream, with no one to tell you when and how to get your work done – but it can create issues for entrepreneurs and employees. After a while you may find yourself suffering from a lack of delineation between your work and home life, lack of motivation and insufficient structure. This blog explains the various issues which working from home can cause, and how The Brew can offer a superior alternative.

One of the most obvious issues that could arise when turning your home into a work space is loss of concentration. With all the distractions of your own home around you, it can be easy to reach the end of the day having fallen significantly behind on your work. All those trips to the kettle start to add up!

Almost as significant as the threat of underworking is the threat of overworking. Without the clear end-of-day of working with others, you may find yourself working later and later to cross and dot all the fine details. Before you know it, your working day has crept into your evenings and is eating into your personal life. Throwing your work/life balance out of sync like this isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it can actually negatively impact your wellbeing and health. We all need a bit of time to switch off and kick back after a hard day’s work.

There’s also the issue of technology. You’re unlikely to be able to conjure up the same super-fast broadband connectivity you’d enjoy in a private office space from your kitchen table. The last thing you need is your connection dropping out right in the middle of an important video call, or just as you’re about to send that down-to-the-wire project over.

After a while you may also find yourself feeling the lack of colleagues around you. Finally being away from all those annoying little mannerisms and distractions of your fellow employees may seem great for a while, but with no one around to bounce your ideas off and provide constructive feedback, it’s easy to feel like you’re out on a limb by yourself.


How The Brew Can Help


Fortunately, The Brew offers a working environment that can help to alleviate these issues without sacrificing your independence. At our coworking London office space, you’ll have access to a range of flexible, affordable services that provide a practical alternative to the pitfalls and distractions of both home working and more traditional office space.

It’s also a cost-effective option, as you can tailor your membership experience to your requirements. Just looking for a professional, relaxed space to knuckle down in? Our simplest memberships give you just this, plus a little PA help, without any extraneous costs. Are you a business owner looking for somewhere for you and your employees? Then try our Eagle House London coworking space will give you access to the wide range of services and features of a London small business centre.

You’ll also get access to our unique work café, The Coffice, where you can combine the practicality of dedicated workspace with the excellent food and relaxed atmosphere of an artisanal coffee shop – so no more excuses about waiting for the kettle to boil!

At The Brew you can work with all the benefits of working from home, minus the issues and inconveniences. You’ll be a part of a vibrant and diverse community of creative and likeminded business talent – and we can’t think of a better way to get down to work.