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Wellness at Work: Tips to Try at Your Desk

Mar 31, 2017

With meetings, reports, emails and brainstorming, busy professionals may feel like they don't have time to breathe, let alone think about wellness at work or your home office space. At The Brew Shoreditch Stables, our co-working space in East London, we run health and wellbeing sessions to ensure the mental and physical health of the professionals using our workspaces. These sessions highlight how wellness starts on an individual level that translates to a happier and more productive workplace.

Whether you're working by yourself at a cafe-turned-virtual office or in a creative office space in a sea of desks, paying attention to your personal wellbeing makes a difference in your outlook. And while you may not be able to hold an officewide wellbeing workshop every day, there are several simple techniques you can use at your desk, around the office or wherever you may be to make wellness a priority amidst the hard work of running a business.


Practice Breathing Techniques


Do you ever get so caught up in writing or number crunching that you realise you've been holding your breath? Checking in with your breathing every hour can help relieve some of this stress. Meditation and mantras aren't for everyone, but breathing is something we all do. In through your nose, out through your mouth: it's incredible what a deep breath can do for your ability to focus or relax in stressful situations.


Take a Walk and Get Moving


Even the most comfortable office chair can make your back ache when you've been sitting for too long. Getting up, walking away from the screen and stretching your legs every few hours can relieve this discomfort. A longer walk helps to get the blood pumping on your lunch hour, and some ankle and shoulder rolls can make a world of difference while you're sitting at your desk. Get in a little more movement on your commute, too—we understand that walking or biking to work isn't always possible or practical, but getting off a tube stop away from your office and walking the rest can up your activity level first thing in the morning. 


Organise Your Desk and Clean Your Workspace


Keeping a clean and tidy desk in your office space makes a difference when you're trying to get things done. Organising your desk can help declutter your mind, and putting your papers in order means you won't have to stress about misplacing one in a large stack. The Brew's team spaces offer lots of storage to help keep your business nice and neat..


Brighten Up the Office with Light and Plants


Cleanliness is important for organisation and productivity, but impeccable organisation can feel fruitless when the overall atmosphere of an office is drab. Headache-inducing fluorescent lighting and grey walls often make traditional office space boring and more stressful than necessary. We think that natural light and greenery can bring a workspace to life.

Our Shoreditch Stables co-working space has large windows, stylish décor and potted plants that create a warm, vibrant atmosphere. Stuck in a windowless office? Some tiny potted succulents on your desk can make things brighter (bonus points: you barely have to water them).

It's all too easy to get caught up in work and forget about your mental and physical health until you're burnt out. Implementing these wellness tips on a personal level can help transform your whole office environment into one that is relaxed, productive and focused on wellbeing.