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What to Consider When Choosing a London Co-working Space

Apr 07, 2016


There has been a huge increase in the desire to create shared workplaces in recent times, and many entrepreneurs and start-up businesses are looking to utilise shared workspaces. Each co-working space will be unique and different, and in this article we will take a look at a couple of points which you should consider when choosing the best co-working space.




Before choosing your co-working space, be sure to set a budget for yourself and determine what you realistically can afford. As the demand for shared working spaces has increased rapidly in recent years, there is quite a variety of differently priced workspaces with different features. The first thing you need to consider before choosing your workspace is how much you are able to afford each month. Once you know your budget you are free to explore all the spaces within that budget.




London Co-working spaces are filled with inspired entrepreneurs and other business people who are all working towards their goals in the same space. This type of environment leads to extra inspiration and motivation which greatly enhances productivity in individuals and businesses. Choosing a workspace which inspires you will increase productivity.


Investigate other Members


Relationships in the workplace can produce either harmony or disharmony which will affect morale and work ethic. Even in a shared workspace, relationships still matter. It is important to get some information about the other members of each workspace so that you know what type of people you will be surrounded by.


Extra Perks


Some co-working spaces offer extra perks such as special offers, discounts and even free yoga sessions during lunch breaks. Have a look at different co-working spaces in order to see which one will give you the most for your money. Extra perks such as these also increase work ethic and happiness in the workplace. For example, free yoga sessions will give you an extra energy boost during your day.


The Fine Print


Always read the fine print and find out the length of each workspace lease. Some spaces may require you to sign a one year lease, others a one month lease or a 6 month lease. Determine how long you plan to stay in a co-working space and be sure to choose one where you won’t have any difficulty ending the lease or where you will be required to leave a space in which you are thriving.




Location is an important factor to consider. Is the workspace in a noisy location? Is it easy enough for you to travel to? Is it in a safe area? You will certainly want to choose a co-working space where you won’t be distracted by lots of noise and which gives you a quick and easy commute to and from the space.




Get a feel for the different atmospheres of each workspace and decide what type of atmosphere will work best for you. Some co-working spaces are more social, while others are not. Some spaces will have events and activities for the members to mingle and get to know each other while other spaces are more directed towards quiet and solitude. Choosing the right atmosphere can help you and your business to grow.