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What weighs more than an Elephant? The Brew’s recycled rubbish!

May 03, 2018

As the war on plastic continues to sweep the nation, The Brew community has been high fiving and fist pumping in celebration of the bumper recycling year we had in 2017. Below are just a few of our achievements.

In 2017, members of The Brew:

  • Recycled 5,665kg of rubbish - a bit heavier than a male Asian elephant
  • Produced 4,500kg of waste which was converted to energy (approx. 2400 kWh) and that's enough to power a laptop for more than 13 years!
  • Saved 59 trees which means we could give every resident in Estonia (pop. 1.3million) a newspaper
  • 8 CO2 tonnes were saved - great for two epic road trips! A return from UK to China (10,000 miles), plus a return drive from New York to Panama City!

Before we get carried away on our tide of success, we know we have a long way to go. Below are our top tips on how to make your day that little bit greener and help make your workplace more environmentally friendly..

The Brew’s top tips for a greener office:

1. There’s no place like home: At The Brew, we aim to provide workspaces where our members feel at home, so why not try that approach too - always treat your workplace as you would treat your home: 

  • Lights out! Remember to turn lights and screens off when not in use
  • Boil enough for your brew! Only boil enough water for you and your team
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle! Don’t forget that nearly everything can be recycled, these days. At The Brew, we use First Mile's recyling service, which makes recycling a breeze. It's easy to set-up and at the end of each year, you get a nice certificate awarding you on your recycling achievements. Check out how we go about office recycling here.

2. Waste not, want not: If there are a few leftovers in your fridge at home, bring them in for lunch before they go-off and get binned. There’s nothing better than enjoying the rewards of last night's cooking the next day, and you can save yourself a pretty penny too! Make sure you use reusable storage and if you want to cause some serious coworker envy, check out the amazing Bees Wax Wraps as an alternative to clingfilm.

3. Coffee Cups: A morning (and afternoon!) essential for most of us, we’re used to seeing our bins filled with disposable coffee cups. Get ahead of the “latte levy” and grab yourself a reusable coffee cup. We love the fab designs of ECoffee Cup.

4. Go paperless and shop local: With many of us powered by our PC’s and Mac’s we see less and less paper around these days. However, what we do see is a lot of excessively packaged delivery boxes from a well known retailer. Do you really need to have your wares shipped from goodness knows where? Half the time there will be a retailer in the local area you can visit, taking a lunch break whilst you’re at it!

So go forth Green Warriors, and let’s make our offices even greener!


Photo courtesy of Fact Legend - shows a sea turtle eating plastic. They love jellyfish and often confuse plastic for their favourite food