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Whip your business into shape in 2018

Jan 11, 2018


If you’ve overindulged over Christmas and New Year (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?!), January is the perfect time to shed those pounds, get some early nights and give your liver some much needed TLC. But your January health kick shouldn’t just be about banishing those beer bellies and bingo wings… it can also apply to your business!

Here’s some of the best ways to whip your business into shape for the year ahead…

  • Financial Fitness: It might not be the most fun part of entrepreneurship, but if you’re finances are out of shape, you’ve got problems. So, if you’ve let your figures go over the Christmas period, now is the time to give them some attention. Your top priorities should be cash flow management, setting financial goals for the year ahead and reviewing your funding options. Your bank account will be glowing with health in no time!
  • Productivity boosters: UK productivity has just jumped at its fastest rate for six years, so why not make this the year your business follows suit. You’d be surprised by what a few slight changes to how you plan and manage your time can do for your output, including delegating or outsourcing anything that isn’t business critical, cutting down on meetings or blocking out unnecessary distractions. Here’s seven tips that will get those cogs whirring all the way through 2018.
  • Happy team, happy business: Everybody works better when they feel valued and rewarded, which is why staff engagement and motivation strategies are worth the investment. With a happy team around you, you’ll find it easier to attract new staff and keep hold of the ones you have. Plus, rewarding employees doesn’t need to cost the earth. Here are some employee engagement ideas that work for small businesses