How Our Co-working space Can Transform Your Networking Style

Jul 04, 2017

Looking for private office in London, but nervous that the privacy of your workspace will inhibit networking opportunities? As the foremost co-working space in East London, The Brew offers private and open-plan workspaces with a focused environment...

Building a recycling culture at The Brew

Jun 26, 2017

We’re proud of the recycling culture we’ve built at The Brew, but it took a bit of work getting here. Thankfully we found our fantastic recycling partner, First Mile, making it really easy for us and our members to do our bit for the environment....

What your office tipple says about you

Jun 23, 2017

At The Brew, we know that you can tell a lot about a person from their beverage of choice at a work gathering. From espresso martinis to hoppy ales, here what your favourite libation revals about you!

Five Ideas for Work Socials to Help Your Employees Bond

Jun 22, 2017

As much as you enjoy heading to the pub with your employees after a long work week, the same settings and routine can get old after awhile (not that you’ll ever get sick of that IPA!). Fortunately, London business club The Brew has plenty of...

How The Brew Helps Your Business Thrive and Saves You Money

Jun 20, 2017

From keeping up with the latest technology, to hiring the best employees, to paying licensing fees, running a business can be expensive. As the head of your company, you’re constantly considering how you can cut costs and save for the things that...