The Brew's Best Bits!

Dec 21, 2017

Here at The Brew, we like to do our bit to champion causes that we care about, particularly when it comes to supporting start-ups and growing businesses. A big part of that is using our newsletter to keep you, our fantastic community, up to speed on...

Could Celebrity Affiliations Catapult Your Startup to Success?

Dec 20, 2017

Gaining celebrity partnerships or endorsements can sometimes seem utterly out of reach for small businesses. When you’re hard at work in your London coworking space perfecting your product or service, the world of the red carpet might as well be...

Keeping Your Business Ticking Over Throughout Flu Season

Dec 20, 2017

No matter how many cautionary measures you take to protect your office space, London’s high population and jam-packed public transport system means your staff are never far from someone who failed to take note of the ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’...

Brew member, Graphic Structures, has "gone from nothing to something" with big client wins

Dec 20, 2017

In November 2016, Eleanor Ball and Mark Mawby were working out of each other's homes to form engineering studio, Graphic Structures. With no jobs or clients, the pair embarked on a route familiar to start-ups when taking on the risks of...

Live-action interactive video game announced by Brew member, Flavourworks

Dec 20, 2017

If, like us, you used to spend nights under the duvet with a torch nervously analysing your decisions in Choose Your Own Adventure books, you'll be excited to learn about what Brew member, Flavourworks, has been up to in 2017.