What weighs more than an Elephant? The Brew’s recycled rubbish!

May 03, 2018

As the war on plastic continues to sweep the nation, The Brew community has been high fiving and fist pumping in celebration of the bumper recycling year we had in 2017. Below are just a few of our achievements.

How Startups are Leading the Way in Diversity

Apr 17, 2018

In a recent blog, we highlighted the very real benefits that smaller companies, and startups in particular, stand to gain from fostering an inclusive atmosphere, and promoting greater diversity within their team – from a significantly wider...

Meet This Month’s Small Business Grants Winner

Apr 17, 2018

So far, the Small Business Grants competition has been won by startups and projects who represent the very best in innovation and imagination – from Sent into Space’s low earth orbit packages to Perlego’s academic textbook subscription service....

How Startups Benefit from Diversity

Mar 19, 2018

In a blog from last year, we drew attention to some of the women at the forefront of Shoreditch’s innovative tech scene. However, despite their boundary-breaking success, women remain sorely underrepresented in the average London coworking space. In...

Making the Most of Your Co-working Space

Feb 08, 2018

Co-working spaces are now more popular than they’ve ever been, as people search for flexible office space solutions, and an increasing number of major companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs opt for co-working over pricey London office space. Here,...