AI to change jobs – not steal them!

Jul 26, 2018

If you’ve touched a newspaper over the last three years, you’ll have encountered some of the hysteria about AI and automation. Gloomy headlines speak of human jobs going to algorithms, of queues outside job centres, and of the 1% getting rich(er)...

Think you don’t judge? Think again!

Jun 28, 2018

You're biased. You may not think you are. You probably (hopefully!) don't want to be. But you are. Everyone is. Science says so!

The Next Level of Workplace Wellness: Financial Health

Jun 26, 2018

There has been a newfound focus on mental and emotional wellness in the media for both positive and negative reasons. On the one hand, we face far more stressors due to the rise of technology and the isolation it causes, but on the other, more people...

Immerse Education wins Queen's Award For Enterprise

Jun 14, 2018

We're always thrilled when our members thrive! So it's with great delight that we share this news: our very own Immerse Education has won the prestigious Queen's Award For Enterprise, in the Trade category!

Hackney 100 calls for new opportunities for young people

Jun 14, 2018

Hackney Council has relaunched its popular Hackney 100 scheme, which helps young people realise their working ambitions through partnership with local businesses. The scheme first ran in 2014/15 and was so successful that the council is bringing it...