Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a business club?

A business club is a professional club where you can work to build strategic partnerships, grow your business, and catch-up on work. We strive to build a community of like-minded people that provide support, opportunities for growth, and much more across all of our clubs.

Can I try out the service first?

Yes. We’re the only UK-based business club that offers you a tiered membership with a free starting point. With our Nomad membership, you’ll be able to access our WiFi, use the Coffice, and attend our business seminars, giving you a feel of our services and benefits before paying any cash. For more information, visit our Nomad membership page

What’s included in my membership fee?

Here at The Brew, we believe in flexibility, so what’s included in your membership depends entirely on your needs. Our membership ranges from the free entry point, Nomad to Premium Plus, where you’ll have access to a range of useful business benefits and extras, such as a start-up coach, legal support, and PA support. To find out more about our memberships and what’s included in each click here

Is there a minimum subscription period?

We know that flexibility is vital in the business world and our club reflects that. So with Nomad and Connect membership options there’s no obligation and you can cancel anytime. The Premium and Premium Plus memberships are also flexible requiring just two months' notice to cancel. 

Can I change my membership?

Absolutely. Our tiered membership structure was designed to suit businesses as they grow. You can choose to move up or down through the system when you need to, allowing you to reflect what your business needs from the club at any time.

How quickly can I join?

As quickly as you need to! With our Nomad membership, you can show up at The Coffice on City Road (EC1V 1NR) between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday - no need to let us know in advance.

To join Connect, please complete sign up here and we'll contact you to arrange your first day. 

A tour of the locations you're interested is usually required before confirming Premium and Premium Plus member, so please contact our Community Managers here to book your tour. We'll then discuss your requirements and will arrange your start date!

Will the space be shared or private?

This depends entirely on you and your needs. Our business club venues have a mixture of open-plan environments and exclusive business areas. The choice is entirely yours. Whichever option you choose, there'll be plenty of free-to-use meeting rooms that you can book, giving you further privacy when you need it.

Will I need to provide resources?

We provide most of the business resource you need. You’ll have access to high speed internet, desks, ergonomic chairs, and more. But you will need to bring your own equipment, such as laptops to work from.

When is The Brew open?

Premium and Premium Plus members have 24/7 access to our business clubs. If you’re working we’re open!

There are different opening times for the other memberships, check out further details of the differences between them here

Can I bring clients or guests to The Brew?

Yes. The Brew is the perfect place to bring clients or meet with potential customers. We offer both formal meeting rooms and more informal settings, such as the Coffice, our membership café, so the meeting environment can reflect your business ethos and the nature of the meeting.

What kind of people use The Brew?

The Brew is full of people that are innovative, ambitious, and passionate about what they do. Members tend to work in a range of functions and senior positions. We’re open to all sectors but being based in the Creative hub of Shoreditch a lot of our members work in technology, marketing, design, and digital.

What’s The Brew like as a place to work?

The Brew is a great place to work – and we don’t expect you to take our word for it - you can try out our services at no cost! We've focused on creating an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs. And, what's more, The Brew can suit your working needs, whether you want a laidback environment to network or some privacy to finish an important task.

I’m just starting up, can I still use The Brew?

Yes, The Brew is open to all entrepreneurs and businesses, in fact start-ups can get a lot out of joining our business club - check out how here!