4 of the Best Leadership Habits

team leadership

So how do you progress from being a good leader and being the best? Developing the best habits could elevate not just you, but your workforce and ultimately your business too.

You don’t need to have a degree in business or memorised The Art of War to be a great leader. Sometimes it’s the simple changes to your daily tasks that can improve your ability to lead well. If you want your business to grow stronger, then these four leadership habits could be the key.

Leadership Habit 1: Knowledge

Knowing your business inside out is crucial. The best leaders know their stuff, whether it’s a question about the latest industry news or the most in-depth questions about their product. Make sure that you prioritise learning into your daily schedule. Itcould be as simple as checking the dailymedia that’s relevant to your field or networking in your shared office with those thought leaders in your sector.

Leadership Habit 2: Time

Some leaders believe in the magic of multi-tasking, but this is proving to be a very ineffective manner of working. Instead, smart leaders are prioritising ‘switch-tasking. This is a much better way to manage your time and will make your productivity much more effective. Multitasking is distracting and means that you are not focusing your full attention on a task. Switch-tasking means that you concentrate fully on a single activity at a time until it is done. It’s a practice anyone hoping to be a better leader should adopt.

Leadership Habit 3: Environment

Never underestimate the importance of your environment when it comes to productivity and staff loyalty. The best leaders will always ensure that their workplace is designed to promote wellbeing, health, and productivity. You can achieve this in a variety of ways, and there are some simple strategies for doing so. This has lead to the steady rise of serviced offices that allow for much greater flexibility on space and working hours and could be the key to a stronger, more efficient business.

Leadership Habit 4: Delegate

Try to avoid micro-managing your team. If you have hired someone to do a task, then let them do it. Having the boss breathing over your shoulder every day is distracting and certainly does nothing positive for the team. There are several reasons why you should work on your delegation skills. Not only will it free up your own time, but it will ensure your team has room to learn, making them more likely to develop while helping your business to do the same.


Think about the kind of leader that you would rather be. If you’re happy to be the owner of a company that settles for their existing level of trade then stick with what you’re doing. Just remember, your competitors will be looking for an edge every day, and by becoming a better leader you will build a stronger business, a more developed workforce, and a more positive future.