5 effective ways business technology can retain your team

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Around 335,000 UK employees left their jobs for another role in the second quarter of 2023, an increase of 13,000 compared to the previous quarter. Which begs the question: what are employees missing from their workplaces? 


For any leaders keen to stop their best talent from jumping ship, there may be an aspect of your company you’re overlooking: business technology 


By investing in advanced business technologies — instead of coasting with outdated and underperforming software — you can facilitate and grow a happy and diverse team, building a positive workplace experience that keeps your staff on board. But where to start? 


We’ve come up with five effective ways tech can retain your team… 


1. Make work more flexible


According to CIPD, almost two million employees have left a job in the last year due to a lack of flexible working. So, how can tech accommodate flexible hours and remote working? 


Cloud communications software and business technology like Microsoft Teams and Slack have become saving graces for workforces everywhere. 


By providing the tools for your employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate through instant messaging, secure file-sharing, workflow trackers and video calling, you can ensure your team works efficiently — wherever they are.  


For remote teams, these platforms make it easy for your colleagues to stay connected without losing that workplace community feeling. 


2. Hire the right people from the start


When there’s a sense of community at work, it’s been found that 58% of employees are more likely to thrive in their environment — and 66% are more likely to stay with their organisation. But how do you get there? It’s all about the team you build… 


Using recruitment technology with artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help you proactively source and match candidates based on their skills, qualifications and values. These technologies can also minimise hiring bias, as they focus solely on objective criteria and carry out a fair assessment of your candidates’ backgrounds. 


With software like JazzHR and Breezy HR, you can post job adverts, review candidates and rank, track and discuss applicants in one place — expanding the talent pool and increasing your chances of finding the right team for your business. 


3. Create autonomous roles


In the workplace, autonomy means your employees are empowered to have their say, pursue their goals and get their work done — without being micromanaged. 


By taking advantage of the latest project management tools and software, like Monday.com, Hive and ClickUP, your staff can have ownership over their projects and work within a single forum autonomously.  


When team members can contribute how and when they want, you’ll likely find tasks are completed more quickly and efficiently. Win-win, right?  


Plus, AI-driven tools and automation can help fill any skill gaps you may have — making sure your team aren’t working twice as hard to pick up the slack… 


Using platforms such as HubSpot, Zapier and Creatio allows you to design, execute and monitor complex workflows and automate repetitive tasks — freeing up your team’s time to fulfil more interesting responsibilities and keeping them engaged in their role. 


4. Offer learning opportunities


Another way to boost employee retention through business technology is to offer flexible and personalised learning opportunities that help them grow and develop their skills. 


Technology can help you design and deliver learning programmes tailored to each employee’s needs, preferences and goals. For example, platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and SharePoint provide employees access to diverse and relevant content, helping facilitate self-paced and collaborative learning. These platforms also allow you to monitor and measure their progress and performance. 


Advocating for your staff to expand their skills is a great way to make them feel valued, supported and motivated within your business. 


5. Learn where to improve


Implementing new business technologies and savvy tools won’t transform your team overnight. To keep your staff engaged and working productively, you’ll need to constantly review what’s working and what could be improved — and that’s where data and analytics come in… 


It may not sound very glamourous, but leveraging human data and analytics is the best way to make informed and strategic decisions about your workforce.  


With HR tools like Visier and Personio, you’ll have a better picture of your workforce data to help make decisions that benefit your team, no matter how many employees or systems you have.  


When you’re looking through the lens of your staff and what makes their role more enjoyable, you’re opened up to a world of opportunities for employee retention — and, ultimately, growing your business. 


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