5 tips for better work-life balance during peak season

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No matter what industry you work in or how long you’ve been in your role, bouncing back from quieter periods is never easy.  


Once those warmer months and summer holidays have flown by and business picks up again in the run-up to Christmas, we’re often left feeling a little sluggish, unmotivated and overdue another holiday… 


The best way to get your head back in the game? Give your work-life balance a good sort-out.  


Though it’s tempting to bury your head in the sand to avoid deadlines or work around the clock to clear your workload, achieving a better work-life balance can boost your motivation, productivity and, most importantly, your happiness.   


Not sure where to start? We’ve come up with five tried-and-tested tips to get you back on track for those peak autumn and winter months (and right up until your next sunny break)… 


1. Set realistic boundaries


Whether your business picks up around the end of the financial year in April or it’s all hands on deck towards the end of the year — when the busy period hits, there’ll always be more work to do. 


But if you don’t set boundaries, you’ll soon reach the end of your tether. Having all-hours access to business calls and emails can blur the line between work and personal downtime, especially with the temptation to carry on working whilst ‘off the clock’.  


If that’s you, try to stick to your work hours and be strict about not letting work tasks spill over into your time by blocking out regular breaks in your calendar. 


According to Inc. Magazine, we’re most productive when we work in 60 to 90-minute intervals. So, whether you work from home or in an office, take 10 minutes every hour or so to stretch your legs, make a cup of tea or step outside for some fresh air (no matter how chilly). 


2. Communicate your needs


We’re probably all guilty of having too many plates spinning at once and not wanting to burden anyone by seeking help. But it’s important to remember to communicate and ask for a hand from your managers or colleagues when you’re starting to struggle; that’s what they’re there for, after all! 


If you’re stacked with work, utilise the pool of people who can support you. Shoot your team a message or organise a brainstorming session in the office — whatever you think will make it easier to get the job done. 


Don’t have a traditional team to fall back on? For freelancers or solopreneurs who feel like they’re drowning in work, don’t be afraid to set realistic deadlines with your clients to manage their expectations and help you keep your head above water. 


3. Schedule your life


Without an organised diary, it can be tricky to track and manage your ever-growing to-do list (and prevent tasks from eating into your personal time). 


To avoid last-minute panics and all-nighters ahead of a big deadline, make a note of important meetings and tasks in a diary to help you prioritise your day-to-day workload. 


Struggling to keep on top of your itinerary? There are loads of apps out there to help. Tools like Monday.com, Any.do and your classic Google Calendar are great for keeping track of your tasks whilst you’re on-the-go. 


4. Get your blood pumping


Though it might not be the first thing you want to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and busier with work than ever, physical exercise can do wonders for your overall well-being. 


That doesn’t mean you need to spend loads of money on gym memberships or start extreme hiking, but you’ll never regret stretching your legs during your breaks.  


Plus, as the days get darker and the weather gets bleaker, it becomes more important to get as much vitamin D as possible to build your bone strength and keep sickness bugs at bay. 


So, head out for a brisk walk, bike ride or run to try and get around two hours outside daily for a sufficient amount of vitamin D. You’ll thank us for the endorphin boost and healthy immune system later… 


5. Enjoy some time off


Remember: it’s important to make plans with friends, spend time with family and prioritise yourself — even when business is booming. 


So, whether you want to adventure to another part of the globe or enjoy a staycation, planning your next getaway is something to look forward to when you feel like life is starting to revolve around your work. Even if a trip isn’t in the cards, spreading your annual leave throughout the year can be super beneficial for your mental health.  


Enjoying some downtime during the autumn and winter could also help change your mindset around this hectic period — breaking up the chaos, giving you time to relax and preventing you from dreading the festive season every time it rolls around.   


Ready to conquer the busy months ahead? With these tips under your belt, we hope you’ll be better prepared to create a happy and healthy work-life balance that’ll see you through to New Year — and beyond… 


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