7 recommendations that can boost your well-being in 2024

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to forget about well-being.

Many people get caught up in pursuing their professional goals, dedicating all their time and energy to furthering their careers. Whilst this isn’t a bad aim to have, the result can be burnout, anxiety and the overall decline of mental and physical health — all of which will end up hindering workplace performance. Ironic, right?

Whether you’re an employee, a C-suite leader or self-employed, nurturing your mental well-being is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, enhancing productivity and fostering long-term happiness.

But we get it. Knowing where and how to make the positive changes needed to put your mental health first and improve your general well-being can be tricky when you’re in a funk. So, we’ve compiled a selection of our top well-being entertainment recommendations to help put you in the right mindset to conquer your goals with a positive outlook.

Whether you like to curl up with a good book, walk with a podcast or check out a new documentary with friends, keep reading to find out what you should be watching, reading and listening to this year…


Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?


Book | Dr Julie Smith

This mental health must-have handbook from the clinical psychologist and TikTok star Dr Julie Smith is the kind of book everyone can take something from.

Packed full of research-backed techniques for dealing with everything from anxiety and criticism to low mood and self-confidence, ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ could be the helping hand you need to put your best foot forward and smash your professional goals.

Not sure you have time to tackle these topics? The book offers practical solutions in bite-sized entries, making finding specific information and guidance easy.


Ten Percent Happier


Podcast | Dan Harris

If you’re looking for an entertaining but easy way to digest well-being insights, the ‘Ten Percent Happier’ podcast could be the one for you.

In this series, our host Dan Harris is a successful journalist who had a panic attack on live national television at the peak of his career. This event led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation.

After working to improve his well-being, re-evaluate his habits and change his life, Dan wrote the bestselling book ‘10% Happier’. Off the back of this success, Dan uses his podcast to speak with well-known meditation teachers, top scientists and even the odd celebrity — covering subjects such as enlightenment and discovering science-based techniques for anxiety, productivity and relationships.

New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Headspace Guide to Sleep


Mini-series | Headspace

With the everyday stresses of work, getting a peaceful night’s sleep can be difficult. And that’s definitely no good for your mental well-being…

If you struggle to drift off, the second instalment of the Headspace series on wellness can help.

A collaboration between Vox Media Studios and guided meditation company Headspace, this seven-part series on Netflix unpacks the myths and misconceptions about sleeping, with valuable insights from sleep experts and psychologists — delving deep into how you can get more shuteye.

Through animation, expert interviews and guided meditation practices, each episode focuses on a specific sleep-related topic, like understanding sleep stages, managing racing thoughts and creating a bedtime routine.

So, if you’re in the market for an engaging (yet relaxing) watch, these 15-minute episodes may be the perfect solution.


What They Don’t Teach You About Money


Book | Claer Barrett

With rising bills, soaring energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis dominating the national conversation, money can inevitably affect our mental well-being.

But instead of sticking your head in the sand, books like ‘What They Don’t Teach You About Money: Seven Habits to Unlock Financial Independence’ are here to help.

In this book, TV and radio expert Claer Barrett demystifies financial matters to help you understand your money in a way that actually makes sense.

Instead of wagging her finger and using senseless jargon, Claer shares many practical tips to sort out where you may be going wrong with your money — and how to get things back in order for mental and financial peace.


My Year of Living Mindfully


Documentary | Shannon Harvey

This documentary follows journalist Shannon Harvey on her journey to perfecting the art of mindfulness.

Whilst living with insomnia and an incurable autoimmune disease, Shannon was keen to find practical well-being exercises to boost her mental health. Searches turned up plenty of recommendations on diet, sleep and exercise — but the lack of support for self-improving her mental well-being sent her on a mission to find her own solution.

Throughout her year of living mindfully, Shannon travels the world to interview 18 mindfulness scientists and experts. Watch to follow her life-changing experience, filled with compelling stories, groundbreaking science and incredible insights into what it means to be living in the formative age of mental well-being.


The Mel Robbins Podcast


Podcast | Mel Robbins

If you want 2024 to be the year of self-improvement, follow the motivational speaker and author Mel Robbins as she brings listeners through the ups and downs of life — all punctuated with great advice.

Mel and her guests, including several field experts, address specific themes and subjects, including personal mindsets, attachment styles, behavioural patterns and even health. For professionals struggling with their mental well-being, Mel’s discoveries could be the key to changing perceptions around work-life balance and unlearning negative thought patterns.

With new episodes out every Monday and Thursday, simply pop in some earphones on your commute or daily walk and soak up the well-being wisdom…


Feel Good Productivity


Book | Ali Abdaal

Do you often feel like productivity at work has to come before your mental well-being? In Ali Abdaal’s book Feel Good Productivity, that isn’t the case at all.

Ali Abdaal is a doctor-turned-YouTuber who’s amassed an enormous following based on his ideas of how to build and live a better life.

According to Ali, the key is to change how we view productivity — or how we think about what contributes to being more productive. Instead of focusing on managing your time or creating more efficient systems, Ali believes the way to boost productivity is to find the things that give you energy.

At one time or another, every professional has become overwhelmed by the stack of tasks facing them. Rather than seeking a solution to better organise, filter, manage and check off all of your to-dos, Ali’s book teaches you how to love what you’re doing — and do what you love.


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