Benefits of Coworking Spaces and How They Boost Creativity

benefits of coworking spaces

Creativity is a key team trait. 

Teams high in creativity are quicker to problem solve and develop new ideas, making your company more productive. Kinks in your work processes, issues with product development and blank brainstorming boards never last for long in companies with creatively-led teams. 

One of the key benefits of coworking spaces is a boost in employee creativity. Creativity may seem less important than more traditional skills — like punctuality or the ability to be analytical — but it is, in fact, crucial to success.

Creativity was named as the most desirable leadership skill and the most critical element of success by Fortune 500 leaders. It is even considered to be the answer to economic growth. What’s more, collaborative, idea-generating teams are more likely to rate their experiences positively, meaning your entire team will be happier when they work together.

Needless to say, if you’ve been ignoring the power of creativity, it’s time to change your tactics. 

So, how can you produce a group of passionate, lateral thinkers? 

Getting your environment right is a good place to start –– even Forbes agrees with us

The many benefits of coworking spaces all link to more collaborative, creative teams, suggesting it’s time to ditch the traditional office and move into a new, innovative space. 

Coworking Spaces – The Benefits:

  • Flexible work facilitation.
  • Encouraging collaboration.
  • Exposing employees to new things.
  • Organic networking options.
  • Releasing employees from office cubicles.
  • Multiplying after-work options.
  • Oozing positivity and culture.
  • Existing in exciting locations.
  • Making people feel happier and less lonely.
  • Liberating and empowering employees.
  • Extending opening times.
  • Fostering creativity and productivity.

Benefit #1 –– Flexible Work Facilitation: 

You can’t force creativity. So, why should you force people to work at certain times of the day? Or even at certain desks? Feeding into the flexible work movement, coworking spaces give employees the freedom to decide when to work and how. Employees can take advantage of sudden spurts of energy whether they occur early in the morning or late at night. Similarly, team members can log off when they’re feeling uninspired to keep up the quality of their work. 

Benefit #2 –– Encouraging Collaboration:

Until recently, coworking spaces were dominated by freelancers seeking a space to meet like-minded individuals. Freelancers might share desk space and equipment, as well as ideas. This community spirit is continued in modern-day workspaces that house companies, consultants and startups, as well as established freelancers. In coworking spaces, it’s not uncommon to grab lunch with a fellow member or brainstorm at a nearby desk, allowing you to tap into the genius of those outside of your organisation. 

Benefit #3 –– Exposing Employees To New Things:

It’s long been debated whether original ideas truly exist. If we are just recycling each other’s thoughts, but with a new approach, the best way to encourage innovation is through tapping into more of them. Coworking spaces do this by providing plenty of opportunities for socialising. A calendar of events, guest speakers and exciting activities help your team to draw from new experiences and people. Remember, if a workshop seems irrelevant, even just one small snippet of new information could be used later to help propel your business forward.

Benefit #4 –– Organic Networking Options:

Organic networking –– meeting people in a common space, conversing with an adjacent table or bumping into somebody new at the coffee machine –– can be invaluable to your business. With an average of 185 members per coworking space, there are plenty of people to meet. These could be future clients, business partners and friends or they could act as a creative influence on your team. 

Benefit #5 –– Releasing Employees From Office Cubicles:

Coworking spaces are renowned for vast, open-plan layouts and creative desk configuration. The average coworking space spreads across 7,308 sq ft giving your team plenty of room to move. Being in a thoughtfully-designed space can help boost creativity by removing the dull, uniform nature of traditional office blocks. Teams can even take a walking meeting around the space if they want! 

Benefit #6 –– Multiplying After-Work Options:

Traditional office spaces rarely offer anything outside of the nine to five. Yet, coworking spaces have the resources to provide after-work events and workshops. Increasing the social value of a workspace will help your team to view work in a different light. Events and experiences will stimulate your team and help them to be more engaged in every project.

Benefit #7 –– Oozing Positivity and Culture:

It’s near impossible to be creative when there is low morale in the office. Bad moods travel fast in traditional organisations –– especially if a low mood is a result of something internal. Yet, in coworking spaces, morale is easier to manage since there are no office politics. Coworking spaces offer a wider perspective and an opportunity for demotivated workers to be picked back up again by fellow members.

Benefit #8 –– Existing In Exciting Locations:

You’ll find coworking spaces in the world’s top cities, often taking pride of place in some of the most impressive parts of town. Most of our coworking locations are based in central Shoreditch, offering workspaces close to quirky bars, vintage boutiques and restaurants. Here, there’s inspiration around every corner. While you might not normally be able to afford such a sought after London postcode, coworking spaces make working in these areas affordable. 

Benefit #9 –– Making People Feel Happier and Less Lonely:

Although it’s a bold statement, coworking spaces do make people feel happier and less lonely according to a study by Ergonomic Trends. The report shows that 83% of people are less lonely since joining a coworking space and 89% report that this change has made them happier. The wellbeing of your team plays a huge part in how effective they are. Plus, a team that feels connected and less alone will be more creative by nature. 

Benefit #10 –– Liberating and Empowering Employees:

Creativity isn’t always guaranteed in coworking spaces, but they might give your team the courage to show off their existing skills. Employees that are brimming with ideas might be holding them back for fear that they won’t be accepted. A move to a more dynamic, open space could help to grow their confidence and enable them to speak up.

Benefit #11 –– Extending Opening Times:

By giving your employees the option to work outside of nine to five hours, you’re likely to get the best out of them. Creative, collaborative work doesn’t have to happen in one, collective meeting. Instead, a project could be sparked in the morning and developed late into the night. This means your employees can manage other important elements of their life, like spending time with their families or working on a hobby. In this way, coworking helps your team to achieve a better work-life balance –– a goal we’re all trying to reach. 

Benefit #12 –– Fostering Creativity and Productivity:

By providing the right environment for all types of workers, coworking spaces are a hive of creativity. This makes work more productive, ensuring you get more, quality work completed in a shorter time frame. While coworking spaces might save your company money by reducing your overheads, they could also help you to make more profit in the long-term by revitalising your team and nurturing their creative talents. 

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