Banking on small businesses

Mar 08, 2018


New initiatives from Metro Bank and TSB give boost to small firms


To paraphrase ‘80s Janet Jackson - what has your business bank done for you lately?

If the answer’s ‘not a lot’, then it could be time to look elsewhere, with two fantastic initiatives just announced by Metro Bank and TSB.

First off, Metro, the challenger bank, has just promised to ring-fence £1 billion of funds to support small businesses – for the second year in a row. It says its own entrepreneurial beginnings inspired the initiative, which avoids a ‘computer says no’ approach and aims to get to know the people and plans behind the balance sheet.

For their part, TSB has joined forces with Enterprise Nation, the small business network, to launch an initiative to boost the digital potential of its business clients. TSB’s existing customers will receive a year’s free membership to Enterprise Nation from April 2018, along with a digital MOT and voucher bundle worth up to £500.

TSB, with its parent company Sabadell, has also just announced up to £100m of funding which will be made available to invest in small businesses and start-ups based in regions right across the UK. Find out how it works here.