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City Hall launches Brexit Survey for London businesses

Sep 20, 2018


City Hall takes on the task of bracing business for Brexit.


With a no-deal Brexit scenario looking increasingly likely (gulp), City Hall is taking steps to Brexit-proof London’s business community. And the first major step is to find out how prepared London businesses are already, to determine what further advice and support may be needed.

In this vein, City Hall has launched a good old-fashioned survey and it’s definitely worth your business’s while to fill it in. Responses will not only help City Hall to come up with smart strategies for supporting London businesses through Brexit, but will also inform the Mayoral team’s ongoing dialogue with the Government on Brexit-related issues. 


Big changes afoot


Whatever your opinions on Brexit, there can be no doubt that it’s going to bring big changes and the businesses that survive will be the ones most able to adjust to Britain’s new, ‘flying solo’ environment. Even businesses that don’t deal directly with the EU are likely to find themselves facing challenges, including;

  • Changes in access to resources which come to the UK from or through the EU,
  • A changing workforce, as immigration from the EU decreases,
  • Changes to funding opportunities as EU funding for things like tech, arts, environmental and heritage projects are withdrawn.


Have your say on Brexit


While it might not be possible to design our own, bespoke Brexit deal, it’s definitely in our interests to have our say where we can. This survey is a great opportunity to shore up our futures against the worst (and take advantage of the best!) that Brexit can throw at us.

Deputy Mayor for Business, Rajesh Agrawal, encourages all businesses – however big, small, local, or international – to respond. Find and complete the survey here. It doesn’t take long, and all answers will be strictly confidential.