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Cost saving marketing strategies

May 29, 2019


Behind any successful business is a clear marketing strategy that helps deliver a strong message to your potential customer base and ultimately a good return-on-investment. 

Whether you recruit a marketing expert in yur co-working office or outsource to a freelancer or agency, there are a few simple guidelines to ensure that your campaign budget remains effective....


Be clear with your objectives and design briefs

Provide a clear brief to your in-house team, freelancer or agency. If there is too much room for interpretation, this can lead to a weak campaign or many wasted hours having to redo the work. Marketing is both proactive and reactive, so being efficient will reduce reactive time and increase proactive activity -  ultimatey this will increase your output. 

If possible, provide examples of campaigns you like or hate from other sectors when you communicate your requirements. Obviously, they can’t copy the campaigns of other businesses but it helps to get a feel for the styles you like that are in-tune with your business. 


Get the content right 

It’s easier to change content in a word document than when it’s already been integrated into a website, advert or brochure. 

There will always be changes and tweaks as a project progresses, but wholesale changes later down the line can cause significant delays to the launch of a campaign. It’s best to go through some initial approval processes to ensure the overall message is correct. Adding or reducing text could cause complete changes to the layout of a design to ensure it not only looks right, but that the key messages are still coming through loud and clear. 


Implement cohesive campaigns

Don’t do marketing campaigns on a whim. Think carefully about the key messages of a campaign and whether you are hitting your target market enough times through enough communication channels.

Advertising Account Managers will tell you that one-off adverts don’t work, and that you need to run a series of them to be effective. Yes, they want to upsell you, but they do have a point. You need to achieve buyer confidence and you can’t do that in just one advert. On average, potential customers need to be exposed to a product/service 10 times before developing the confidence to buy. So you should mix any advertising with promoting the same message through other communication channels that your target audience is likely to see; such as press releases, social media posts, video, PPC, websites, e-newsletters etc



Maximise communication of content between agencies and departments

Just because you have had a conversation in a meeting or in the kitchen about a great testimonial/case study it doesn’t mean the whole company now knows about it. 

If 100% of staff can’t attend staff meetings then ensure you communicate company news through a staff newsletter or intranet system. 

Ensure external agencies and freelancers are also communicated to. Ask yourself whether agencies and in-house departments are working efficiently together. Ironically some marketing, PR and sales teams don’t communicate with each other well because they are too focussed on the target audience and daily objectives. However, each could be missing out on some fantastic content because they are not liaising enough. 


Avoid jargon only your business knows 

You may deal with terminology and shorthand jargon on a daily basis, but ask yourself whether your target audience actually has a clue what you are on about. 

Its surprising how many businesses forget that customers don’t have the same background understanding as staff who are dealing with that product or service every day. Levels of concentration are dropping by the year as technology automates so much information in our daily lives. Businesses have milliseconds to make an impact and if your target audience does not understand your key message then you can bet one of your competitors will grab their attention.

Ensure images aren’t misleading and that headline messages are clear for any ‘novice’ to understand. 

This is where you can really benefit from being in a coworking office. Why not ask another business to have a look at your advertising campaigns and see what they think the key USP is?! If they don’t know, then maybe you need to go back to the drawing board!