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EVENT: Find out how to deliver Diversity in Tech

Sep 06, 2018


Delivering Diversity In Tech event on 26thSeptember will enable tech SMEs to diversify their workforce and foster a culture of inclusivity.


London tech SMEs are invited to attend Computer Weekly’s annual Diversity in Tech event. Through keynote speakers and panel discussion, attendees will:

  • Learn how to be proactive in developing a diverse workforce.
  • Understand the positive social changes taking place within the tech industry.
  • Learn about the huge benefits which a diverse and inclusive workplace can bring to your business.
  • Gain perspective on the hurdles and challenges which minorities still face in making their mark within the tech industry.


Keynote speakers


  • Jess Wade. A physicist from Imperial College, London, Jess’s current area of focus is organic light-emitting diodes - she hopes to produce light through the creation of nanostructures from carbon-based organic materials. Jess’s impressive CV includes representing the UK in a US State Department International Visitor Leadership Programme. She also sits on several influential committees, including the Institute of Physics’ Women In Physics Group. But don’t be intimidated by all this! As a speaker, she is very relatable, with an engaging enthusiasm.
  • Jacky Wright. Jacky has long been a powerful advocate for women in technology. An innovative technologist herself, she is the driving force behind one of the greatest digital transformations in Europe. As Chief Digital and Information Officer for HMRC and a prominent member of the Civil Service Diversity Taskforce, Jacky champions diversity from the top down. 
  • Emily Forbes. Emily is the founder and CEO of Seenit - a video collaboration tool which enables companies to produce high impact video content with the engagement of their community. As a result of her work in this arena, Emily has been named a key tech disruptor and one of Forbes’s 30 under 30.

This is a very popular event, so reserve your place now!