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FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Could you help build a more sustainable Scotland?

Jul 12, 2018

The Scottish Government and Nesta are calling for digital, sustainability ideas

Got an idea that could benefit communities in Scotland? Trying to make the world a better place, one digital platform at a time? If so, then the Scottish Government and Nesta want to hear from you. They have significant funding available for projects that can support Scotland's sustainable and community-focused ambitions.

Holyrood is pushing for a “fairer, more socially responsible economy” in Scotland, with dreams of leading the world in sustainable energy and transport. As part of this effort, they’re offering funding to businesses that can help them towards that bright, low-carbon future.

They’re particularly interested in collaborative, digital platforms which can help challenges around sustainable energy and getting resources (especially transport resources) to the vulnerable. Grants of £15,000 to £33,000 are being offered for selected projects. Chosen businesses will also get help and advice from Nesta (and a lot of nice, free publicity!)

The funding scheme is open to businesses centred around three main themes:

  • Energy: Affordable, clean, sustainable, community-focused energy.
  • Transport: Scotland is looking for a sustainable, efficient transport system to support economic growth. There’s a particular focus on schemes which could help people in isolated, rural areas to get around.
  • Community resources: The funding board has ideas about digital, peer-to-peer platforms that could help communities to share goods and services, and help their vulnerable members. But any project that could help to create more functional, supportive communities is in with a shot!

Funding is mostly being offered to early stage projects. So, if you’ve got a collaborative, sustainability and/or community focused project which needs help getting off the ground, give ShareLab Scotland a shout! Naturally, ideas that don’t benefit the public, or that channel money away from communities won’t be considered.

You can find out more on their website, or email any questions to sharelab.scotland@nesta.org.uk