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Have your say on Brexit in Tower Hamlets

Oct 19, 2018


Share your views with the council on Brexit, business, and planning for future change.


Tower Hamlets Council wants to know about the impact that Brexit is having on business in the borough – both now and potential impacts in the future. The ultimate aim is to put together a detailed report, from which contingency plans can be drawn up, to help ease Tower Hamlets through the changes.


Planning is crucial


Good planning is the key to survival. For boroughs to successfully navigate Brexit, calm, careful and considered forethought is needed. However, with so much uncertainty and emotion surrounding the 2016 referendum and its repercussions, finding hard evidence upon which to base a strategy, isn’t easy. 

To overcome this challenge, Tower Hamlets Council has set up a Brexit Commission, to assess in detail the current and potential impacts of Brexit. The Commission is made up of highly experienced people from both the public and the private sectors, who will be gathering evidence over the coming months. 


Have your say


The Tower Hamlets Brexit Commission invites businesses to submit written evidence about the impact of Brexit upon their business (please download the form here). Evidence can include descriptions of changes that businesses are already experiencing as a result of Brexit, or changes they anticipate seeing in the future.

There will also be a series of hearings through October and November. Businesses that are willing to speak about their experience of, concerns about, and hopes for Brexit will be very welcome to do so at these hearings.

The Commission would like, if possible, for eligible businesses to be available for media opportunities connected to this research. But you don’t have to say anything to the media if you don’t want to! Within the report itself, all evidence will be completely anonymous, unless you give your permission for yourself and/or your business to be named.


Submit your story


You can find the form to download and complete here. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Weds 24th October, and details of where to email it are on the form.