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How to inject some life into your commute

Feb 22, 2018


The daily commute is unavoidable for most of us, with Londoners travelling for an average of 81 minutes to get to work – 23 more than the UK average, and equivalent to a whopping 38 working days per year!

All those hours schlepping backwards and forwards on public transport might seem like a waste of time, but they don’t have to be. With just a small shift in your attitude and daily habits, you can make your commute work for rather than against you.

Here are some fab ways to inject productivity into your commute:

Get creative: It can be hard to get the creative juices flowing in the office, with emails pinging, the phone ringing and colleagues constantly interrupting you. So, if you’ve got a big problem to solve, or want to make personal or professional plans for the future, those dead hours on the train can be the perfect opportunity. You could even try some creative thinking techniques to get those cogs whirring.

Learn something new: You can learn a lot in 38 days, so why not use that daily train or bus journey to develop a new skill, whether that’s a language, coding, or how to invest in the stock market. There are loads of apps, podcasts and online videos available that can teach you how to do practically anything – the only limit is your imagination.  

Network: We know what you’re thinking – people don’t talk to each other on public transport! But networking doesn’t have to be face-to-face. If you struggle to find the time to keep in touch with friends, ex-colleagues or business prospects, your commute is a great time to drop them a line, say ‘hi’ on LinkedIn, and make plans to catch up. You can also use the time to research and plan for networking events to attend in the future. Here are some tips to inspire you.

Get moving: London life can get in the way of regular exercise, particularly if you spend a significant chunk of the day travelling. If that sounds familiar, then why not try to combine the two, by walking, cycling or running all or some of your journey. Exercise is a fantastic way to let of steam, reduce stress, get your brain working and of course, stay in shape. Plus, you’ll have plenty of company, with Londoners leading the world when it comes to running to work.   

Recharge: And if that all sounds like too much effort for first thing in the morning, don’t despair. There’s no shame in using your commute for some much-needed me-time. The stresses of work and life mean we all need to recharge both body and mind every now and again, and the commute might be the only opportunity you get. Here’s some tips on getting some head space on your commute