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Leading Ladies: Spotlight on Nikki Cochrane & Kathryn Tyler

Jan 17, 2019


Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler are the incredible ladies behind the innovative Digital Mums which was founded in 2014. The pair met on a yoga retreat and discovered a mutual love for social media and decided to start a business together. In 2012, they opened a social media agency called Hackney Social but soon found that there were so many businesses in dire need of someone to develop and manage their social media presence that they would need to recruit some help. 

The demand for skilled, flexible, part-time help was not being metby the skilled jobseekers who typically want a 9-5 role, and so the gap in the market was palpable. Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler identified that the ideal candidate for the position would be a mother wanting to regularly work for a few hours a day from home or a shared office space between family commitments; and so Digital Mums was born.

Their Background 

Kathryn had spent much of her career prior to Digital Mums working with some of the world’s most innovative schools. Having spent four years as Head of Communications before becoming Head of Digital at the Innovation Unit, she had the experience and know-how of education and training to develop the education side of Digital Mums. 

Nikki, on the other hand, had worked at M&C Saatchi and had undertaken a Psychology degree, so between them, they designed a vocational course that could teach mums all that they needed to know about social media.

The Winning Idea  

Digital MumsThe pair recognised that most women want to return to work after having children but are restricted and penalised by limits of the 9 to 5 work culture: they must choose either family or career. Digital Mums has bridged the gap and provided a third option: family and career. By training the mums specifically for the role of a social media manager, Digital Mums has provided a lifeline to many women. 

Nobody had ever attempted to mass train women online and offer them real opportunities for flexible working. All the women need are an internet connection, laptop and a home flexible office space. Nikki and Kathryn’s tenacity, optimism and desire to change people’s lives have made Digital Mums the success that it is today. From training 35 women in 2014, in 2018 over 1,500 women will have graduated from the course. 

Their Achievements 

Nikki and Kathryn have been recognised for their innovative approach to helping women back to work with several highly acclaimed awards including Red Magazine's Woman of the Year, which was received for their work against maternal discrimination in the workplace. 

Nikki and Kathryn are champions of flexible working and are proactive in encouraging other workplaces to adapt to more flexible working practices. Their recent campaign #CleanUpTheFWord has led them to petition the government about changing the definition of flexible working from "a way of working that suits an employee’s needs," to one that incorporates the benefits that flexible working brings to employers. With the rise of coworking spaces, flexible working is a realistic option for many.

Not only have the dynamic pair helped thousands of women return to work, but they are instrumental in challenging the status quo about how all people can benefit from flexible working


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