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Make Eagle House your new coworking home

Sep 06, 2018


Superb co-working spaces up for grabs in the centre of Shoreditch


Ever wanted a gorgeous art-deco office in the buzzing heart of London’s creative district? You’re in luck. Eagle House in Shoreditch has co-working offices available.

From £296 per month, freelancers and small businesses can combine all the benefits of luxury offices with the freedoms of self-employment. 


The Brew membership benefits           


As a Brew member you can expect:

  • Ready-set offices. No faffing about with set-up, our office spaces come totally primed for immediate use, and kitted out with everything the modern entrepreneur needs. Just plug your stuff in and off you go.
  • Brilliant networking opportunities. As well as access to the Brew’s wine bars, cafes, and games rooms, we also lay on regular social and networking events. Brew membership provides unparalleled scope for building and strengthening your network.
  • Free use of meeting rooms. We’re not going to tally up your meeting room hours, or invoice you for using the space. If a meeting room is free, you can use it for as long as you want at no extra charge.
  • Business growth opportunities. We are dedicated to supporting and enabling your business growth. For example, every month you’ll get the opportunity to attend informative business workshops and seminars hosted right here at The Brew.
  • A clear conscience. We like to do everything as ethically as we possibly can. For example, our sustainability policy helped our members to save 126 trees in 2016 alone!


The facilities


In addition to private, co-working, and hot-desk office space, Eagle House offers:

  • A wine bar
  • A cafe
  • A games room
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • Superfast (300Mbps) internet throughout the building
  • Plenty of bike racks
  • A games room
  • Lots of storage space
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Onsite showers


Eagle House 


Our fantastic facilities and member benefits are what really make Eagle House a great place to work. But it would be silly not to mention the building itself, which is also pretty stunning.

Eagle House was built as a dance hall back in the 1920s, when flappers and dappers did the Charleston here amidst Art Deco elegance. We’ve restored the building with a keen eye for the original aesthetic, and have lovingly combined the Art Deco features with modern comforts and technology. The result is an attractive, comfortable space with plenty to please the eye.


A business community


Above all, Eagle House is a place in which a business community can come together. We host regular business support events and do our utmost to help our members forge connections. But it’s not all work-focused – we love a party as much as anyone! From rooftop barbeques to wine tastings, we try to lay on plenty of good old-fashioned fun. 

Interested? Get in touch!



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