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New Govtech Meetups offer networking and funding opportunities

Oct 04, 2018


With a £20million funding pot on the table, GovTech’s Meetups could provide game-changing opportunities.


GovTech is currently promoting its monthly Meetups, aimed at innovators in both the public and private sectors who are looking to improve public services. GovTech aims to bring together over 200 innovators each month to discuss challenges, learn about funding opportunities, and potentially collaborate on public service projects.


What is GovTech?


GovTech enables small, emerging tech firms to win lucrative public sector contracts, while giving the public sector access to bespoke tech solutions that would not otherwise get onto its radar. 

Gatekeepers of a £20million Government fund, Govtech is using its cash to enable smaller tech firms to deliver innovative solutions to public sector challenges. Firms applying to the fund have unrestricted scope to think up truly novel fixes. Those who are successful in their bid will receive the funding they need to create their product, which public sector partners can then choose to buy. 

Essentially, GovTech provides the contacts, funding and opportunities for innovators to pitch and prove their ideas to the right people. And thanks to a permissive policy environment and the willingness to put their money where their mouth is, the model has so far been a huge success.


How do the meetups work?


The meetups take place on the fourth Thursday of each month, involving a mix of short talks and structured networking, all designed to put innovators in touch with funding and collaboration opportunities. Sessions will also provide updates on current funding challenges. It’s a fantastic opportunity for any tech startup wanting to build some contacts, get a feel for the marketplace, and maybe even win big amounts of project funding.

For more information and to register for upcoming events, visit their website here