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Tech & Wellness: Interlink the Two for Your Workforce’s Benefit

Jun 11, 2018


We all know that feeling of when technology can do anything but help how we feel. A slow internet connection, a lost document or the computer defiantly saying no can all contribute to that overwhelming stress and frustration you can feel daily. You may have to resort to unplugging and rebooting while using choice language to rectify the situation, but technology can be used positively to increase wellness in the workplace. Here are four ways you can use technology to benefit your workforce.




With increased connectivity, smart mobile devices and cloud platforms, traditional offices have been transformed by flexible working practices. There is no need for set physical office spaces; you can use a range of spaces that negate the requirement for a traditional office. You can have Shoreditch office space that is not only accessible to staff 24/7 but is available on a part-time basis. It means your staff can work from home but have a central hub to meet in as and when they need.




We are not droids. We are individuals who need the social interaction of a pack to survive. Take advantage of technology that provides flexible and agile working capabilities, whether solely in-house or with customers and clients. Advances in technology have led to communication platforms being more accessible, so use them! Not only will the quality of work be improved upon, but a transparent and supportive workplace culture will evolve that is both innovative and politic free.




Gone are the days when night school was the only available option for employees to advance their knowledge within their chosen field. E-learning is an effective and cost-effective way for employers to increase their employees’ industry knowledge and skills. E-learning has a quicker cycle time than traditional classroom-based learning, and so the skills employees develop can be applied to the business quicker as a result. If you invest in your workforce’s career development, you are showing them that you value their input and want them to be part of your organisation’s future, which is a great way to encourage loyalty!




The extent that you introduce gamification into your business will depend on how much you want to invest. Gamification is a way to engage with your workforce in a fun and non-obtrusive way. In its simplest form, you could give your workforce pedometers to run a challenge for the number of steps that they accomplish within a week. However, a more complex form of gamification is to set ‘mini-games’ to incentivise positive behaviours. The outcome is the same: employees feel included and part of a team, which is increased by feeling part of a competition and encourages collaboration and cooperation to work towards a common goal.

Technology has transformed how we work, and it can be harnessed to develop your workforce’s sense of wellbeing while at work. You have a duty of care to your employees, and so their wellbeing should be of prime concern to you. By using technology effectively, you can increase productivity, innovation and most importantly feelings of wellbeing within your workforce.



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