The Brew's 2018 Best bits

Dec 12, 2018


There has been so much positive news this year that we are struggling to summarise everything in one blog without boarding on a few chapters of War and Peace! We certainly love championing causes and supporting our members and helping growing businesses. So as 2018 draws to a close, here's a look over some of our favourite initiatives during the last 12 months.


The Brew joins forces with rent24

This year we proudly announced our partnership with global co-working and co-living provider, rent24. The company has more than 50 locations in major cities, including Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Moscow. These locations have opened up a new global network for Brew members, who can now access these spaces across three continents. And that's just for starters, as there are plans to launch 185 active locations worldwide by 2020. rent24's investment into The Brew has injected equity capital which will fund the opening of at least 45 co-working spaces in the UK over the next three years so watch this space for more exciting news! 


Wellbeing sessions

Mental health and wellbeing are an important part of developing the essential components of any business i.e. its people.   As part of our commitment to help small businesses run mentally healthy workplaces, we have run workshops this year with founder and author of This is Calmer, Tania Diggory. 

For example, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Tania focused on the theme of how you can build your own entrepreneurial ecosystem whilst nurturing good mental wellbeing. The business journey is not supposed to be a lonely experience and connecting with others and nurturing an ecosystem that supports the wellbeing of workers is essential for long-term success.

We'll continue to champion workplace well-being in 2019, so keep an eye on your inbox for invites to workshops and new initiatives that we're launching. 


Leading ladies

It’s hard to believe that until 100 years ago, not a single woman (and only some men) had a say in who ran the country. Women were seen as unfit to make ‘complicated’ decisions about politics, with those who opposed women’s suffrage believing it was ‘against the natural order’.

So with this in mind it has been fitting to celebrate the success of female entrepreneurship with our regular Leading Ladies blog series such as the Spotlight on Sophia Amoruso and young female entrepreneur, Charlotte Pearce


Promoting the work of the local community

The centenary celebrations of some women getting the vote has inspired local initiatives to help redress the balance of how women are perceived and recognised. Two programmes that we'd like to highlight are Hackney's most inspirational women and the City Hall’s ad campaign competition to bust gender stereotypes. We look forward to seeing more women in the spotlight in 2019. 



OK the mess, that is commonly known as Brexit, isn’t really a 2018 highlight! But, despite it being a fool's errand (because we don't have a crystal ball), we have written several informative blogs over the year that may help small businesses who have questions about how leaving the EU could directly affect them so hopefully this has been useful and informative - even if it's probably now woefully out of date! 

Click on the links to read about the London Mayor’s Brexit priorities, advice for Europeans in London and the #Londonisopen campaign. 


Westland Place 

And finally, we cannot finish this 2018 review without mentioning our stunning new private offices Westland Place. Designed with a gorgeous blend of Art Deco and mid-century modernism, this space oozes comfort and class while boasting huge windows that let in an abundance of natural light. Offering all the benefits of a co-working space with the security and personalisation of a private office, we have introduced an enticing incentive (of £4000 worth of Selfridges vouchers) if you refer a contact and they take an office so contact us to find out more. (terms apply).