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The Coffice has a mouthwatering new menu!

Jun 28, 2018


Our café-office hybrid is perfect for offsite meetings, events and getting in that work zone  


Bored of sitting at the same desk all day? Aren’t we all! So why not mix it up and get yourself down to The Brew’s Coffice for a change of scenery and to try out our delectable new menu!

There’s fresh juice including the delicious Vitamin Kick (orange, carrot, apple and ginger) and smoothies such as the Pink Supernova with strawberry, raspberry, mango, sunflower seeds, grapefuit, oat, honey and skimmed milks.

Look out for new breakfast items like the Halloumi pretzel bun – yum. Not to mention an expanded range of artisan coffees such as the Dirty Chai, which despite its name, is nothing to ooh er about, it's simply, but deliciously, a hot of espresso in a chai latte!  

Every day, from 11.30am - 3pm, there's an enticing buffet selection of salads available with fish, chicken, meatballs and other protein delights cooked by our wonderful Chef, Andre. Take a peek at the menu for the list of tempting offerings.

With the fastest wifi in the area (300mbps no less), and a unique creative buzz, there's no place quite like the Coffice, it's a great excuse to escape from your office space and thereby giving your workday a much needed boost.  

Tapping away on your laptop in cafés has become kind of a cliché – hey, if it works, why knock it? But you can quickly regret your decision when the gentle hubbub turns into the crazy coffee shop chaos at busy times. Cutlery clashing, people barging around, loud chitchat (and distracting gossip, if you're the earwigging type). Then there's the battle for power points, sluggish Wi-Fi, tables too small for a laptop – it goes on.

Coffee shops are great 'offices' if you're into that relaxed, communal thing, but they're not purpose-designed workspaces. That’s where the Coffice is different! We’ve got all the great food and gorgeous coffee smells of a high street café, but with power points at every seat, the fastest café Wi-Fi in the area, and fewer recreational distractions.

The Coffice is ideal for offsite meetings, powering through a workload, or energising body and mind with some artisan coffee and cake. Plus, it’s also available to hire for up to 50 people, so whether you’re planning a seminar or networking style event, it could be just what you’re looking for.

Check out the new menu!