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The Future is Female: Women-Hosted Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Nov 22, 2018


Podcasts have never been more popular, and with a seemingly endless variety of subject matters, there’s one out there for everyone. For female entrepreneurs, a lack of resources and advice has often been a very difficult challenge, but this is no longer the case. There are now a huge variety of female-led podcasts that are designed and targeted at the entrepreneur. They offer a valuable source of information, ideas, and creative solutions to problems. If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, then these podcasts hosted by female business owners could be the solution you've been looking for.


After the Jump

As a successful female entrepreneur, Grace Bonney has vast experience of both success and failure in the business world. Her podcast, After the Jump, is very reflective of her personal experiences and she has a good variety of fascinating and relevant guests that can provide advice and ideas for your own business. With guests that include both creatives and entrepreneurs, there’s a firm focus on the challenges of the modern and creative business environment, as well as useful tips to tackle the difficulties of things like shared office space as you pursue your own passions.


Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Tiffany Han is known for telling the truth. She doesn’t promise easy solutions to the challenges of being an entrepreneur, but she does force you to think about your own personal ambitions. Raise Your Hand SayYes is incredibly motivational and may help you to reframe your thinking regarding your business goals. With excellent interview guests, there are some fantastic podcast episodes which focus on risk-taking, productivity and the complexities of co-working spaces. It’s one of the more essential female-led podcasts for entrepreneurs.


She Means Business

The host of She Means Business is no stranger to the challenges of entrepreneurship. Carrie Green turned a marketing budget of £30 into a global business and she is also the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. This weekly show provides some of the best tips and tricks of the modern business landscape. Her advice for those who wish to start or grow their own business is in-depth and incredibly valuable.

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The Broad Experience

Women invariably have a very different experience of the workplace to their male counterparts, and host Ashley Milne-Tyte presents a show discussing those differences with some stark honesty. To call this show‘no-nonsense’ is to potentially undersell its intelligence and educational value. The lack of sentimentality is a breath of fresh air, and she offers valuable insights that will be useful for listeners of any gender. Ashley Milne-Tyte is a former journalist, and her interview technique brings out the best in her diverse range of guests. Click here to listen to The Broad Experience.



Podcasts can be listened to anywhere, and for multi-tasking entrepreneurs, they can be integrated into both your work and leisure time. Whether you listen on your commute or when you're in the office, you can be sure that there is a podcast out there to suit your ambitions and interests. Tailor your listening habits to business growth, and you will benefit in a wide variety of proactive ways.


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