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Want to help shape the next generation?

Oct 18, 2018


Supporting the next generation makes the future brighter for all of us.


In these uncertain times, the ambitions, dreams and attitudes of new generations will help determine the kind of future we live in. After all, the school kids of today are the entrepreneurs, leaders, employees, and customers of tomorrow.

However, with schools and colleges struggling for resources, the business sector has a critical role to play in providing extra support – and a different perspective. Not only does their help give students a real boost now, it also sows seeds that businesses can reap a long way into the future.  

So, if you and/or your business would like to help shape the future of the next generation, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Mentoring: Mentoring is a many-faceted idea, that can reach into every aspect of a mentee’s life. If you choose to mentor a young person, you will be helping them to build their confidence and develop their focus. You’ll be a listening ear, and be on hand to offer experienced guidance. This kind of support is invaluable for uncertain young people setting out on their journey through life. 
  • Volunteering: There are any number of volunteer positions out there which can make a huge difference to the next generations’ chances. Even if you only do an hour a week helping to tidy classrooms or sort papers at a school (for example), you’re still freeing up teachers to get on with the important work of education. Alternatively, you could help out with a youth group, a youth-focused charity, or even stand as a governor for a local school. Whatever volunteer position best suits your lifestyle and skills – it all makes a difference.
  • Tutoring: You don’t need teaching qualifications to offer private tuition. Although, obviously, it does help if you know what you’re talking about! Tutoring a young person in a subject they’re struggling with can have a huge impact on their exam chances. Studies showthat one-to-one tuition is the single most effective way of improving a person’s ability in any given subject. If you’re a maths whiz or a languages nut, why not pass on your skills?
  • Inspiring: If you’re not such a ‘hands on’ type, but still want to boost the next generation, you could do a lot worse than lead by example. Sometimes, the best lessons are gained by observing those who’ve gone before you. Be the change you want to see in the world, as they say. You can, of course, take this a bit further by offering talks about your life lessons and achievements in schools and so on.
  • Crowdfunding: Thanks to the internet, fundraising is way easier than it used to be. Schools, colleges, and youth programmes are money-hungry, and always desperate for resources. If your business has a tiptop marketing team, why not suggest that they put together a crowdfunding campaign for a local organisation in need of resources? 

Business people are busy people, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to make a huge commitment. But with lots of ways to get involved, you might be surprised by the difference that even a small contribution can make.