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What is Climate Action Week 2019?

Jun 25, 2019


When is Climate Action Week 2019?

As part of a response to the climate emergency, Sadiq Khan is launching London's first ever Climate Action Week which will be held 1-8 July 2019.


How London organisations are helping

Many London businesses, NGOs and academic institutions are working to develop and deliver solutions to the threats caused by climate change. Pooling expertise, resources and support from other local businesses, commuters and residents, the aim is to find and implement solutions to help reduce carbon emissions both locally and on a global level. 

In addition to seeking solutions, it is also important to plan for, and adapt to, the impact of climate change. 


What will happen during Climate Action Week?

Climate experts across a range sectors will be running events in London that focus on taking local, national and international action. These events, many of which are free, will focus on developing practical solutions as well as identifying new initiatives that can cut carbon emissions to keep global temperature increases within 1.5c.

London Climate Action Week will focus on:

  • community action and business leadership on climate
  • clean energy and energy efficiency
  • adaptation and resilience
  • climate finance and investment
  • legal, engineering and other environmental consultancy services
  • low emission transport
  • London’s role in driving UK and international climate leadership

Some London Climate Action Week free events...

  • Climate action with One Planet Living: Exhibition
  • Launch of the Culture & Climate Change Report: Leading by Example
  • Future of green buildings and corporate real estate
  • How should central banks respond to the impending climate crisis?
  • Driving better health with sustainable energy
  • Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector


How do I register for a Climate Week event?

You can search for an event on the Mayor of London's website