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Why Collaboration Still Matters in Business

Nov 28, 2018


World-class businesses are the ones that foster an environment of collaboration. These are the companies that encourage and promote better communication and the building of relationships. Any work culture that supports the flow of ideas in all directions are the ones that are more likely to succeed. With so many people opting to transform their work day by choosing to work as a freelancer or remotely, collaboration can become increasingly difficult. 

Yet it is an essential element of modern business and it remains an essential foundation for success. Understanding why collaboration remains a crucial business factor has never been more important.

Transparency and involvement

The promotion of trust in the workforce is often a key divider between companies that are great to work for and those that you can’t wait to leave. Trust in your employer and the team around you is an essential element of improved collaboration. The more engaged your workforce is in the daily management and decisions of a business, the better your communication, honesty, and feedback will be. 

What’s more, transparency is becoming more vital than ever. Forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of tech advances to ensure that all in-house communications, salary details and business info, are available to every team member at every level. 

collaboration in coworking spaces

Better workflow

The greater your collaboration, the smoother your workflow will be. Being able to work together easily will help creativity, plus the sharing of ideas can be of enormous benefit to the future of any business. That workflow will then promote far greater employee engagement, as the team will feel that their contributions are valued. This focus on creating a more positive workspace will have some very proactive effects, with key signifiers being greater productivity, fewer absent days, and a higher level of loyalty to the business. Concentrating on your in-house communication methods will give you access to a wide range of benefits that can strengthen your market position and improve your future success.

Collaboration challenges of the modern workspace

More people are working remotely than ever before. Whether that’s as an employee or a freelancer, collaboration with workers who are not in the same building can often be challenging. However, it’s essential that you foster a collaborative environment even for those remote workers. Whether they work from home or in an independently-run shared office space, the smart business owner will ensure communication is seamless and transcends geography. Those remote workers in a London coworking office for example are still representative of your business brand, and as a result, they need to feel as much a part of the company as those that are working from headquarter office desks. Showing that you value their voice and ideas will promote much greater trust and loyalty. This has proven benefits for any company.

Fueling business creativity 

The more collaborative your organisation, the better you’ll be able to manage tasks, projects and ideas. When every member of your team feels valued, then the trust that they have in your company will show itself in the form of greater creativity, contributions and an improved workflow. Never assume that your communication strategy is as good as it can be and always look for new ways to promote an environment of robust and productive collaboration.

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