11 reasons why Shoreditch is the best location for your business

Feb 20, 2019

Finding the right location for your business really could be the difference between success and failure. So here's our 11 reasons why your business should consider a coworking shared or private office in Shoreditch

10 essential tips for raising a seed round

Feb 19, 2019

We know that pitching and seeking investment can be a real gut-wrenching experience! We’ve built up a knowledge bank with some tips to help you secure that stream of finance, so let’s get going!

Video - take our virtual tour

Feb 15, 2019

Our community managers have stepped in front of the camera to give you a quick 5 minute guided tour of Shoreditch and our shared coworking office space

How to increase diversity in business

Feb 07, 2019

Top tips to help you create a more diverse workplace that improves employee wellbeing, enhances culture and helps drive your business into new and exciting directions

How to Understand the Numbers of Freelancing

Jan 18, 2019

Flexible working hours, control over the jobs you accept and the clients you work for, plus, the ability to choose where you work from, are some of the many benefits.