Email Marketing – life after GDPR

Nov 02, 2018

Email marketing is still a highly effective communication tool. It is one of the best, most proactive methods of marketing on a budget (and for those not on a budget!) if done correctly….and providing the data is right.

Have your say on Brexit in Tower Hamlets

Oct 19, 2018

Tower Hamlets Council wants to know about the impact that Brexit is having on business in the borough – both now and potential impacts in the future. The ultimate aim is to put together a detailed report, from which contingency plans can be drawn up,...

The War on Wages: How Women Are Demanding More

Jun 11, 2018

In June 2018 it will be an incredible 50 years since the courageous women machinists at Dagenham’s Ford factory walked out and held a strike against the wage differences between men and women. Their work was unbelievably deemed unskilled in...

How gender balanced is your tech team?!

Nov 09, 2017

If your business, or tech team, has been feeling a bit testosterone-heavy lately, then the Tech Talent Charter could help you mix it up! An employer-led initiative, the TTC is bringing together organisations from across industries, from start-ups to...

Have your say about Hackney Council’s business support

Nov 09, 2017

Hackney is home to one of the most thriving business communities in the country, and it’s vital that the Council is able to support local companies in the best way possible. That’s why we were impressed to hear that Hackney Council is actively...