The guide to networking for Freelancers

Aug 15, 2019

There are more freelancers in the modern workforce than ever before. This is primarily due to an increasing need for work flexibility, and it seems that the need to be more flexible with working hours has become just as important as the security of...

Best travel spots to work remotely

May 29, 2019

Working remotely, but still stuck within the same four walls? Don’t have time for a holiday? Discover the joys of flexible working by combing the two so you can work during the day and explore by night.

The Brew's Best Bits!

Dec 21, 2017

Here at The Brew, we like to do our bit to champion causes that we care about, particularly when it comes to supporting start-ups and growing businesses. A big part of that is using our newsletter to keep you, our fantastic community, up to speed on...

Big Benefits for Small Businesses: Our Virtual Office Services

Aug 14, 2017

As the way we work changes, more and more businesses are drifting away from the traditional, physical space of the dedicated office. In fact a recent survey suggested that 65% of companies allow a large portion of their workforce to work remotely. In...

Tired of Freelancing? Our Cost-effective Virtual Office Space Can Change That

Apr 28, 2017

The life of the modern freelancer can be a nomadic one, travelling from desk space to coffee shop in search of the perfect virtual office. Never too loud, in case of distractions, but not so quiet that it will send you to sleep. Not too far from...