7 steps to developing a business growth mindset

A business growth mindset sounds like a mentality we all ought to adopt, but what does it actually mean and how do we achieve it?

So often success in business is quantified on capabilities. Are you capable in this field or that, are you capable of running operations, finance or sales? Success is then determined on one of two answers: yes or no. This is a fixed mindset: facts are concrete, unchanging, and definite.

What a business growth mindset does, is answers those questions with possibility. When fostering a business growth mindset, failure is an opportunity to grow, challenges can be overcome, and efforts and attitudes are what determines ability, rather than existing experience.

It’s an ethos centred on achieving more when you look beyond the immediate answers. If something isn’t working, how can we make it work – if you can’t do something, how can you learn to do it. That’s a business growth mindset – and here are our 7 steps to achieving one.


Step 1: Start by not quitting  

Developing the right mindset doesn’t need to be bound to an endless list of goals. Instead, it starts with just one central ambition: not to quit. By attesting your commitment to continuing, you’re already establishing your position of growth. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.


Step 2: Look after you

Being able to fully realise a business growth mindset requires positive energy and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling deflated, tired or restless – it’s a lot easier to feel defeatist than if you were feeling at your peak performance. By dedicating more time to the things that make you feel good, you’ll be able to work in a more focused and positive way when it comes to business.


Step 3: Adjust to the discomfort

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone, and that discomfort is a feeling you’ll need to adjust to when developing a business growth mindset. It’s much easier to stick to what you know – but by doing so, the transition to what you could know or be, won’t be able to happen.


Step 4: Get out of your own bubble

Who and what you interact with can also influence your ability to shift your mindset. By reading books outside of those you’d normally gravitate to, and by attending meetings or events with people or institutions other than those in your usual circles – you can begin nudging towards a fresh outlook and appreciate a different viewpoint.


Step 5: Prioritise quickly yet carefully

A business growth mindset doesn’t allow for painstaking deliberation. Instead, decisions need to be made quickly yet thoughtfully on what matters most for the business. What projects or assets are going to make the biggest difference for growth and progress, and which are those that can be revisited another time?


Step 6: Assess your habits

Probe your own habits, behaviours and beliefs. In doing so, assess whether each is a liability or an asset when it comes to helping you foster a business growth mindset. For those holding you back and hindering your progress, consider the ways in which they can be swapped for more positive ones.


Step 7: Be curious, always

Staying invested and interested in the world around you is key if you’re going to succeed in achieving a business growth mindset. Whether it’s news and updates related to your industry or a completely different field, having an awareness and a sense of what’s happening outside of your immediate sphere will keep you engaged in learning and growing.

So there you have it. A business growth mindset really is a state of mind that can be achieved with a few simple steps. Why not try shifting your attitudes and outlooks to realign with what’s possible, rather than impossible?


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