8 factors to consider when choosing office space in Shoreditch

So, you know you want to pitch up your business HQ in Shoreditch – but now you need to decide on the right office space in Shoreditch. Somewhere that fits the culture of you, your people and your business ethos is essential. Without that, coming to work could feel jarring, like having all the right ingredients but the wrong set of instructions.

Thankfully, at The Brew we’ve spent years helping people create a shortlist of office spaces in Shoreditch. We know all about the vital questions you should be asking to probe whether a space is suited to you, along with the top aspects to think about when searching out your new work home.

So this month, we’ve rallied together 8 of the most important factors to consider when choosing office space in Shoreditch. And don’t just take it from us, we also asked The Brew members for their input; people who have found their niche right here at The Brew


  1. Ensure the space boosts productivity

    This extends further than just on an individual level and should apply to your business as a whole. Investigate whether the office space in Shoreditch facilitates productivity for your business outputs overall? For example, can prospective clients come in for private meetings? Are there opportunities for shared ideas sessions with the wider team? Or instead, will your employees find themselves siloed at individual desk space?

    One member told us that their highlight of The Brew office space in Shoreditch, is ‘the ability to book meeting rooms here easily throughout the day without incurring any charges.’

  2. Can the office space accommodate your business, right now? 

    Be careful that you’re not being sold the dream when it comes to office space in Shoreditch. A lot of coworking companies might promise the space and flexibility to accommodate your business, but make sure you probe what they actually mean by this. For example, they might have the desk space available – but in reality, it’s scattered across the building, rather than a shared space for one company. Also question waiting list times. If you’re ready to go, don’t be held back by long waiting times.

    At The Brew – we have readily available office space to accommodate almost any size of business. It’s another of the benefits our members mentioned when asked what made The Brew their first pick for office space in Shoreditch.

  3. Location, location, location

    Clearly, location is always going to be important – that’s why you’ve already decided on office space in Shoreditch. But to ensure you are thinking in practical terms, consider your daily journey to work. How close by are the right transport links for you? How easy would it be for potential clients to reach you? Use all of this information to map whether this spot is the right one for you.

  4. The right onsite amenities are essential

    First and foremost you’ve got to have the essentials that make your business run smoothly. Appropriate meeting rooms, whiteboards, HDMI leads, printers and of course, superfast, super-efficient internet. But after these key cornerstones have been met, what about the coffee convenience? Is it easy to make a cuppa onsite, is there somewhere close to grab breakfast?

    Consider the convenience of having an onsite café – or ‘coffice’ – like we do at The Brew. It’s a unique space where our members can enjoy refreshments throughout the day and we also provide free tea and coffee across our coworking spaces.

  5. Finding a space that’s Covid-19 secure

    We all know that Covid-19 hasn’t just gone away, and as we head into Winter it’ll be even more vital that coworking office spaces put your health first. Ask questions around Covid policies – what measures have been put in place to ensure that ventilation is to the right standard, as well as regular cleaning, temperature screening and hand sanitisation?

    All of these factors will help you get a feel for whether the Shoreditch office space is making your health a top priority in a way that still allows for seamless business operations. Just like our dedicated Covid Protection Plan aims to do.

  6. Do you want to soak up the atmosphere?

    The right office space in Shoreditch should have the right kind of atmosphere, and that’s not something you can fake. When looking around the office – go at key times of day, when you’d expect there to be a buzz about the place. This way you can really get a feel for the type of people working there, and the sort of interaction that happens between members on daily basis.

    At The Brew, members love the feel of creativity and the exchange of ideas that happens across teams, companies and individuals. It’s as much about the social element as it the working atmosphere, and the opportunity to meet new, like-minded people shouldn’t be overlooked.

  7. Are the staff friendly, helpful and supportive?

    The people who work in the coworking office are as important as the other members really. When looking for an office space in Shoreditch, you need somewhere that is looked after by people who will also look after you and your business.

    Whether it’s a friendly face in the morning, or someone to help find more space for your growing team as and when you need it, having the right team behind the desk can go a long way in making you feel at home.

  8. Fury friends, welcome

    Whilst there are many pros about leaving your home office behind for office space in Shoreditch, if you have fury friends at home you might be in the market for somewhere that can accommodate them too.

    A large open space will help make your pets feel as comfortable as you, and if you’re not a pet owner, there’s a lot to be a said for an atmosphere that’s doggy friendly. Relaxed, inviting and easy going – just like our pet friendly policy at The Brew.


If our round up of what consider when looking for office space in Shoreditch has left The Brew near the top of your shortlist, then you might be interested in hearing more from our members.

This short video could just be the insight you’re looking for to help make that crucial decision on your next work home.

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