The Brew’s workspace Protection Plan

Providing Covid-secure workspaces that keep members and visitors safe

We hope you and your family have been safe, but if your loved ones or friends have been affected by the pandemic, then please accept our thoughts in solidarity.

Lockdown was challenging as we’re not built to be at home 24/7 away from our social connections. So while it is heartening that we are making it through this pandemic, we understand some of the concerns people have with regards to adjusting to a new normal, particularly when it comes to being in the office.

That’s what this Protection Plan is there to do, to provide the reassurance that The Brew is a haven, one that provides welcoming Covid-secure workspaces with safety at their core.

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How we helped our members during lockdown

During lockdown, we all faced an unprecedented, never experienced before crisis. We knew that we didn’t want to add to our members’ growing list of problems and concerns. We hope our role during that time was a positive one including sharing business advice, lobbying and signposting how members too could lobby (which many of them did and achieved success) and most of all, the relief we applied to help our members through what was a difficult and challenging time.


We have been touched by our members’  feedback and really appreciate that they have stuck with us and supported the ideas we have explored and have now implemented to keep them safe.


It has been fantastic to see their faces again.

Objectives of our workspace Protection Plan

The objective of the Protection Plan is to set out the measures that we have put in place to ensure our workspaces are Covid-secure.


As well as been guided by government advice, we have researched best practice from around the world and have consulted with a number of experts and organisations.


We also surveyed our members in May to sense check the ideas we were exploring so that we would be confident we were providing safe, welcoming and comfortable environments that didn’t impact on member experience. Central to this is maintaining the community and social aspect of what connects us all at The Brew. Many of our members noted that they enjoy our relaxed and social environment and that this was one of their reasons for being a member.


We are also looking at new ways to encourage serendipity and ‘watercooler moments’. So whilst we do not outline the specifics of our new social/community ideas in this Protection Plan, we are preparing it and will share details on our website soon.

Protection Plan overview

In creating this Protection Plan, we have sought the advice of a number of experts and organisations, which are referenced throughout the relevant sections. We have also conducted a vast amount of research into what measures would make for a safe environment.


Notable to this work was the focus on the measures that would be the most effective in protecting our workspaces rather than being just for show. We believe we have done that and have gone much further than the government’s guidelines in providing you  with Covid-secure workspaces.


Our Protection Plan details the measures we have implemented including:


  • Entrance temperature screening
  • Provision of extra hand hygiene stations (soap and sanitiser)
  • Enhanced ventilation measures
  • Updated cleaning and disinfecting regime using specific products (e.g. EN 14776 standard disinfection) and techniques (introduction of Ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging) that reduce and kill this coronavirus
  • PPE provision and face-covering policy
  • Installation of air sterilisers in toilets and meeting rooms
  • How we have dealt with touchpoints including installing hands-free door openers and anti-viral self-cleaning sheets
  • Moving around the space, our policies on the workspaces (private office, open-plan and hotdesking) and communal areas
  • Post and deliveries
  • Member responsibilities
  • Our monitoring and reporting policy
  • And how our community team continues to help and support our members

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