Employee recognition: 5 ways to show your team you care

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Think about the last time you put your all into a work project, created something you were proud of and nailed the execution. It’s a great feeling, but it’s even better when you’re appreciated for your hard work and accomplishments… 


As a business leader, giving kudos for a job well done shouldn’t be underestimated.  


This simple act, whether it’s through verbal praise or a physical reward, can reassure your team that they’re valued, instil a sense of purpose and create a motivating work environment that staff want to be a part of. In fact, people who get this praise from their company are less likely to leave within three to six months than those who don’t 


So, if you want to boost staff morale, increase your retention rates and foster a productive workforce, it seems employee recognition is a non-negotiable. With this in mind and in celebration of the month of love, we’ve compiled five ways to appreciate your employees and show your team you care… 


1. Say thank you


Starting with the basics, a thank you never goes amiss in the workplace. 


Whether you write a thank you card, gift a voucher or give a shoutout in the team newsletter, showing appreciation for a job well done helps your employees feel valued and motivated in their role.  


As a matter of fact, workers who receive thanks are twice as likely to be highly engaged in their work — with an engagement rate of 60% compared to only 32% amongst those who don’t receive appreciation. Those numbers speak for themselves… 


2. Provide regular check-ins


For employees to grow and advance within your business, they need to know what they’re doing well and where they can improve.  


By only sharing positive comments, your staff won’t have the tools to progress — and giving only criticism could lead employees to feel defeated. To strike a balance, hold regular check-ins with your team where you provide positive and developmental feedback that allows them to advance, hit new goals and excel in their role.  


Showing that you care about your employees’ development is a great way to encourage their productivity, make them feel valued and motivate others to improve their performance. 


3. Offer growth opportunities


With job competition fiercer than ever, many employees are looking for a company they can grow with. As such, offering skills training and career development opportunities shows that your business wants to nurture and promote its staff. 


If you have in-house training, like employee shadowing, management training or internal workshops, make it available to every employee. If not, use online training platforms, such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and SharePoint, which allow employees to advance in their careers through accessible courses and tutorials.  


Where possible, setting up mentorship programmes is also an effective way to show your team you care about their progress. Create one-on-one mentor programs with higher-level employees who can spend time training junior staff and passing down skills that will help them excel.  


4. Do something fun for your team 


In the workplace, the same routine day in and day out can get a little monotonous.  


When there’s nothing to shake up the status quo and bond your team, it’s easy for employees to start feeling neglected — so coming up with fun ways to re-energise and prioritise the engagement of your staff is essential. 


Here are a few ideas you could try… 


Early Friday finishes


At the end of a busy week, you’ll struggle to find an employee who doesn’t appreciate a shorter Friday. If possible, giving your team a little extra time to wind down and make the most of their weekend can go a long way to make employees feel recognised and respected for their efforts — and can even boost staff productivity throughout the week. 


Happy hour 


Whether your staff are based in the office or are hybrid workers, hosting a happy hour (in-person and virtually) for employees to share a drink and talk can encourage new connections and deeper relationships within the team. Creating this sense of community is essential for providing a fun, relaxed, productive work environment — and proven to increase engagement and retention…  


According to Harvard Business Review research, 58% of employees are more likely to thrive in a work environment when there’s a good sense of community — and 66% are more likely to stay with their organisation. So, developing a friendly company culture is good for business as well as your employees’ happiness!  


Team awards


Having an internal team awards ceremony can be an engaging, entertaining way for employees to regularly recognise each other’s efforts and achievements.  


Every week, month, quarter or year, team members can vote for the reward recipient ― and you can even give out a shiny trophy for winners to proudly display on their desks. 


5. Promote well-being


With more and more teams experiencing career burnout, providing well-being benefits is a great way to encourage a healthy work-life balance and employee recognition. 


Since wellness looks different to everyone, proposing a range of perks may be the best option. For instance, your organisation could allocate each member a monthly budget for gym memberships, meditation classes and yoga sessions to practice self-care in their downtime. 


It may also be beneficial to introduce an employee assistance programme (EAP), which is a confidential service that allows you to help staff with personal or professional problems. From concerns around childcare and workplace relationship challenges to financial struggles and legal problems, EAPs are becoming a popular tool to address anything that could be affecting the well-being of staff. 


Since these initiatives are for your employees, it’s important to know if they’re actually working. Collecting feedback from staff to find out how they’re feeling and any positive changes they’d like to see in the workplace will not only show them you care but will also give them a say in improving their own physical and mental wellness. 


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