10 Must-Have Features for Your Next Office Space: Ideal for Teams of 10-20 People

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Essential Amenities and Features to Foster Productivity and Well-being

Finding the right office space for your team is crucial for fostering productivity, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction. The office environment plays a significant role in how well a team functions, interacts, and thrives. We aim to identify essential features that contribute to a conducive work environment for medium-sized teams and help you find an office space that supports their well-being and productivity.

Collaborative spaces

Dedicated collaborative spaces are vital for facilitating teamwork and idea exchange. These include meeting rooms, brainstorming areas, and informal breakout zones. Meeting rooms of various sizes accommodate different types of discussions, from quick huddles to formal presentations. Brainstorming areas should be designed to inspire creativity, with whiteboards, comfortable seating, and plenty of space. Informal breakout zones, equipped with cosy seating and a relaxed atmosphere, encourage spontaneous conversations and collaboration. When designing these spaces, focus on flexibility and comfort to promote creativity and interaction.

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is essential for promoting employee health, comfort, and productivity. Office chairs should offer adjustable height and lumbar support, while desks should accommodate both sitting and standing positions. Accessories like keyboard trays and monitor stands help prevent strain and injuries. When selecting ergonomic furniture, consider the diverse needs of your team members to ensure everyone can work comfortably.

Good lighting

A well-lit office not only enhances well-being but also reduces eye strain and fatigue.

Complement natural light with appropriate artificial lighting to ensure consistent illumination throughout the workspace.

Quiet zones

Providing quiet zones or individual workstations is important for tasks that require concentration and focus. Clear guidelines and etiquette should be established to maintain a balance between collaborative and quiet work environments. Quiet zones allow employees to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the office and concentrate on their tasks without interruptions.

Tech-enabled spaces

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Essential tech-enabled features include high-speed internet access, wireless connectivity, and multimedia equipment. These tools support team collaboration and communication, making it easier to share ideas and work together seamlessly. Integrate technology into the office environment by ensuring that all devices and systems are user-friendly and well-maintained. A tech-savvy office can streamline workflows and improve overall connectivity.

The Brew’s workspaces are equipped with superfast 1Gb broadband with ample backup services to keep the whole team online.

Convenient amenities

Convenient amenities, such as kitchen facilities, toilets, and storage areas, significantly impact employee well-being and comfort. A well-equipped kitchen encourages healthier eating habits and provides a space for social interaction. If you choose to work with The Brew, your team can enjoy unlimited Fairtrade tea and coffee along with a weekly selection of fresh fruit and pastries to fuel your workday.

Toilets should be clean and easily accessible, while adequate storage solutions help keep the office organised and clutter-free. The proximity of the office to public transportation, dining options, and recreational facilities also enhances the overall employee experience. When evaluating office locations, consider the availability of nearby amenities to meet the diverse needs of your team members.

Your next office space

Creating an ideal office space for mid-sized teams involves prioritising features that support productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Join the thousands of London small businesses that refuse to splash their cash on traditional office space or get tied up in long-term contracts. Instead, find a flexible workspace that serves you with top-quality amenities, must-have facilities and VIP support without any serious commitment.

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