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We have hundreds of members in our community from wide range a sectors including tech, gaming, ecommerce, charity and non-profit, marketing, creative, design, consulting, fashion, childcare, virtual reality, sustainability and everything in between. Get a feel who's in our community with our selection below.

Big Pixel

Big Pixel is a fun and friendly studio that has been creating distinctive games since 2009. In 2016 they launched the Rick and Morty mobile game Pocket Mortys, in partnership with Adult Swim Games, which had incredible success reaching No. 1 in the US AppStore download chart. They are now part of the WarnerMedia family, allowing them to continually expand Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty multiverse. Big Pixel leads an engaged group of diverse staff and encourages a highly collaborative working environment keen to get everyone involved in the creative process of game development.


Pace was founded by Jason, Jens and John-Paul who came together from very different fields (in academia/research, venture capital, and building companies), to make dynamic pricing the norm. They began their journey in January 2017 by building an automatic pricing engine for hotels to help them tackle unsold hotel rooms and to maximize profits when demand exceeds supply. Three years later and they are working with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry with their intelligent revenue management system enabling hotels to achieve higher rates, more occupancy and substantial revenue growth.


Vinterior all started when the founder, Sandrine, struggled to find a perfect vintage chair for her new home. She decided to have a complete change of career and created an online marketplace where beautiful vintage furniture could be bought and sold all in one place. It is Vinterior’s belief that everyone should be able to create a beautiful home or workspace by purchasing characterful furniture, no matter their lifestyle, budget and taste. The company has gone from strength to strength having launched with just 200 products in 2018 to having over 200,000 products with a community of over 1,500 sellers.

Engine B

Engine B was founded by Shamus Rae and Donne Burrows while working for KPMG. The company was independently formed in 2019 and supported by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Engine B was created to support and expedite digitisation of the professional services industry. Engine B brings together a consortium to solve one of the biggest obstacles to the digitisation of professional services – a standard access methodology to client data. Working with leaders in technology and industry, Engine B is building industry data models for audit, tax, legal and advisory services that will be open sourced for all to use.

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GPMD was set up in 1999 and are a web design, development and online marketing agency that specialise in ecommerce solutions, bespoke development and SEO services. They are passionate about helping online retailers achieve their business objectives and grow their online presence.  The company thrives on finding solutions to complex and challenging problems, working closely with partners and retailers to deliver world class solutions, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


42iQ are a marketing agency made up of an experienced team of uniquely skilled staff helping businesses to use virtual reality as a business solution. Their services include virtual reality tours, interactive software, and cinematic property films and static images. They work with commercial, retail and residential companies in three key product groups: Property Marketing Services, Virtual Reality Design Systems and Web Design Systems. 42iQ create visually impressive outputs and real-time interactive environments that are true to life. The visual accuracy helps companies sell or lease properties quicker and for higher value.


Flavourworks is a revolutionary games studio that began in 2015 when Jack Attridge and Pavle Mihajlovic had the vision to create the most interactive video-based game experiences in history. The company functions as both a game studio and film production company fusing the intensity of filmed content using real actors with the deep interactivity of narrative video games. Flavourworks launched its debut title Erica to widespread acclaim in 2019. With additional funding they have now developed Touch Video, a patent-pending live action video engine to engage audiences in novel ways and bring their stories to life.

Article Ten

Article Ten is a creative communications agency dedicated to delivering marketing solutions in authentic and unexpected ways. This company had a broad range of skills, creative energy and combined experience which allows them to tell the stories of some of the world’s biggest brands. They are passionate about freedom of expression and really enjoy going to work each day and working together on exciting projects. Article Ten work on a wide variety of projects and have the tools, creativity and agility to make sure their client’s voice is heard, no matter what the message. They work on everything from website development to creating presentations to helping run events, and everything in between!

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We had the pleasure of catching up with Jack Attridge, co-founder of Flavourworks to get a detailed lowdown on their exciting new project with Sony and why they enjoy being members of The Brew.

How do we promote healthy work wellbeing?

This is something we pride ourselves on, as we want to ensure you have a great balance between productive work and taking some time to refresh your mind and body. We’re not simply offering an office space where you can sit down, stare at your monitor all day and not move until 5pm (although you can do this if you want to). We strive to create a fun and friendly environment, where members feel like part of a community.

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To help encourage a sense of community amongst our members, we run a number of events, social gatherings and activities to help you get to know other members in your building. Lunchtime yoga and pilates will help you feel revitalised for the rest of the afternoon, and events such as training workshops and networking socials allow members to share knowledge and build relationships, both professional and personal.

If you find these classes and events aren’t really your thing, that’s okay, because we also invest in our coworking community through our coworking blog. Take some time to have a look through to see what content takes your fancy.

Feeling peckish?

Whether you find an apple, pear, orange or banana gives you the energy kick you need to get you through to lunchtime (aside from coffee of course), we provide fresh fruit every day to help banish those hunger pangs. This is just another benefit to coworking with The Brew.

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