Featured Coffice Member: Phoebe, My Treatment Hub

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Phoebe White, founder of My Treatment Hub, talks about why she came up with the idea and how the Coffice is the ideal place to run her new business from.

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After spending a number of years working in Spas I realised it can become a very negative and unproductive environment for both the customer and therapist.

The challenges of being a therapist

Required to regular work long hours, Therapists can end up both physically and mentally drained by the end of the day. Naturally this can affect the quality level of treatments for customers.

Also, therapists are not in charge of their own bookings and the majority are paid commission, meaning that they only received a small percentage of what the customer pays. For example, a therapist might receive £20 for a £75 treatment. Therapists are tied in to contracts which restricts them from taking clients with them if they leave, even if the customer prefers them. Spa treatments are often very routine and structured, leaving no space for it to be tailored to the customer.

Why My Treatment Hub is different

At My Treatment Hub we only work with independent self-employed therapists, so every time you book with us you will help a therapist develop their own business. We help all our therapists in whatever way we can to achieve their goals, whether it is by helping them set up business social media accounts or taking pictures for their profiles.

Our aim is to create a family of therapists who can interact with each other because working for yourself can be lonely – as I’m sure a lot of the entrepreneurs who are reading this can sympathize with.

Types of therapists

My Treatment Hub supports all types of therapists, ranging from Massage Therapists to Reiki Healers, so the customer is not limited to what one salon offers. All our therapists are qualified and vetted before being accepted to join.

We have therapists all across London and treatments are carried in a therapist’s treatment room so they can set up the room before you arrive to create the perfect relaxing environment for you.

Understanding the customer

Whilst working in spas and salons I indentified a key problem when making bookings – customers know very little about the person carrying out the treatment. With My Treatment Hub customers can read the profile of a therapist to learn about their skills, experiences and interests, building report with the therapist before booking. You can then book with a therapist who will offer exactly what you want from a treatment. The ability to look through different therapists will give the you the element of choice and you can book 24/7 to ensure you don’t miss out on appointments outside of working hours.

The Coffice

The Coffice is the perfect place for small businesses to meet and work for free. Serving great ethical food, drink and superfast internet!