7 tips on how to choose a hot desk in London

hot desking in london

For lots of freelancers, consultants and other self-employed professionals, the hot desk appeal can be utterly convincing. From flexible costs, to multiple location options – finding the right hot desk can be a boost to productivity for business owners who were previously running operations from home.

That said, there is more to consider. Because there are so many different choices available in London, shortlisting spaces based on the factors that matter to you most ensures a hot desk aids your working day in as many ways as possible: from shorter commute times, to impressing clients.

So, to help you set your sights on a hot desk with all the right conditions to propel your productivity – we’ve pulled together our seven tips on how to choose a hot desk in London. Here goes…


  1. Ensure the space has thought about tech

This should be one of the first things you consider when scouting a hot desk. Are plug sockets in the right place? Are there multiple power stations available per desk? Is it possible to access a monitor, with a VGA, DVI or HDMI connection? Allowing you to plug-in and use a second screen in a meeting room if you need it.

Don’t let the way a coworking space is set up, limit the way in which you’re able to work. A hot desk should enhance how you do your day job, not detract from what’s possible because of ill-thought-out tech.


2. Are there bookable meeting rooms?

Although a hot desk is a more individual way of working, spaces should offer the option to book private rooms. Say you have a client appointment, you can’t hold a business conversation with them perched at the end of your desk, can you?

Check out the different bookable spaces on offer, and make sure you won’t incur sky-high charges for the privilege of privacy. At The Brew, all of our meeting rooms can be booked in advance at a fair price, and those who opt for our Freedom Plus hot desk membership will receive a 25% discount on meeting room space.


3. No buffering, please

It’s no secret that in today’s world, the internet is what makes many jobs possible. From basic email sends to cinematic graphic design, robust internet service is crucial if you are to get your work done quickly and effectively. Probing the internet speed of your hot desk location of choice is essential.

At The Brew, our wired and WiFi internet is 1Gb lightning fast. And because we understand how important the internet is for your projects and business, we have two backup services, just in case.


4. First-class communal facilities?

Whilst the term ‘hot desk’ doesn’t include a mention of communal, shared facilities – it’s important to see where you’ll be making your morning coffee or rustling up lunch. Don’t forget, you are paying for the use of the space – not just that one desk – so make sure the kitchen, bathrooms and other shared spaces are clean and well-kept. Plus, in the COVID climate, check there are extra sanitation measures in place to keep you safe and healthy.

Not only do our spaces cover all of the above, but to help keep your mind fed, we offer filtered water, and unlimited Fairtrade tea and coffee at The Brew coworking spaces. And each week, in our communal areas, we lay out free fruit on Monday and elevenses (a selection of pastries and treats). Yum!


5. Compare the costs

Remember that a hot desk should be a more cost-effective alternative to a permanent coworking spot. For that reason, you need to ensure that prices are affordable at a monthly, weekly or daily rate. It may even be worth exploring different hot desk plans – as some companies will offer other benefits within a slightly higher package rate.

With our hot desk plans, you can choose from a range of options, starting at £20 per day – to a reasonable £195 per month for unlimited access.


6. Find service with a smile

You want to make sure that the people looking after the space are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Imagine you needed to print a proposal and the printer was out of ink? Or you were hosting a crucial funding meeting and the room is three chairs short? The office in which you choose your hot desk should have folk ready to help.

That’s why at The Brew, our superb, friendly customer service team can help with any of your daily queries, whether that’s booking meeting rooms or something more complex, we’re here to assist.


7. Is community considered?

Hot desking is becoming ever more popular, meaning spaces can be full pretty quickly. Ensuring that a coworking office has a considered community is important. Choosing somewhere that puts emphasis on making sure their hot desk space works for everyone is a good idea.

When members apply to The Brew, they’ll be asked a few questions to help keep balance in our community. It also means we can support companies that would benefit most from our membership.


So when looking for a hot desk in London, we hope we’ve helped to show you that it’s more than just convenience and cost that should be top of your list. Just because hot desking is a more affordable, more flexible option for working away from home – doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on service or standards.

Use our top seven tips on your search for the perfect hot desk, or drop us a message direct and see if we tick your boxes.