Hotdesking: is it time to move out of the coffee shop?

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The gentle murmur of conversation. The hiss of the milk frother. The chime of teacups on saucers. For many remote workers and freelancers, the background hubbub of the local coffee shop is the soundtrack of their working day. 


Coffee shops have always offered a comfortable (and caffeinated) alternative to the distractions of working from home, offering the simple pleasures often missed when out of the office: the casual back and forth with the staff, the familiar sound of quiet chatter, mugs of coffee on tap. 


But if you’re taking a perch in a café every day, buying drinks and snacks to keep you ticking over and earning your stay, this arrangement can quickly become more costly than expected. 


So, whilst it’s easy to romanticise sitting in your local joint, let’s weigh the pros and cons of coffee shop hopping… 


Table for one, please


Visit any city centre on a weekday and you’ll find dozens of people hoarding seats in cafés to work through their to-do lists. 


You can even find audio simulations of coffee shops to take your productivity on the go. It turns out the ‘coffee shop effect’ is real — a moderate level of ambient noise can boost your creative output, stimulating your brain’s sensory signals and improving your mood, visual perception and decision-making. 


Not only can working from a café boost your productivity, but it can also keep those feelings of isolation at bay. A bit of idle chatter with strangers or other regulars goes a long way toward staving off the WFH loneliness. 


But one of the great things about remote working is that you can do it from anywhere. And let’s be honest, not every coffee stop was built with remote workers in mind… 


How often have you stopped by your local café to find there were no seats free? Or maybe you’ve camped outside the entrance before opening time to nab one — but there’s no plug socket nearby to charge your laptop. 


Plus, the noises of a coffee shop may well be great for your concentration, but what happens when you need to take a call or listen to audio from your laptop? It’s probably not the most professional setting for a virtual meeting, with coffee slurpers and families milling around in the background. That’s if you can even join a call with an overpopulated and slow Wi-Fi connection… 


Don’t fret, though. If you’re looking to enjoy all the perks of your coffee shop office — without the complications — we’ve got the perfect solution in mind: hotdesking. 


 The benefits of hotdesking 


Hotdesking is a flexible workspace system where workers can book and use a desk when needed.  


It’s a savvy solution used in private offices as well as coworking spaces, where remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads sign up for access to the space (usually monthly or pay-as-you-go), then show up when they need to work, find a desk and plug in. 


Let’s take a deeper dive into everything hotdesking has to offer… 




Want to work from home in the morning but need a place away from distractions in the afternoon? Working out of town and looking for a more professional spot than a busy coffee shop? 


As an alternative to the traditional office setup, hotdesking allows people to work wherever they feel comfortable on any given day. 




Coworking spaces offering hotdesking services are becoming increasingly popular — so you’re never far from a tidy desk with everything you need. 


Specific hotdesking arrangements vary depending on the supplier, but most coworking spaces benefit from a fast internet connection and often have printing facilities that are easily accessible. Typically, they also offer plenty of power sockets for all your devices — and enough tea and coffee to power your productivity. 




Need some privacy for meetings or phone calls? Some traditional offices provide quiet conference rooms. But if you’re struggling to justify renting a whole space, coworking offices offer many of the same facilities, including soundproof phone booths and thoughtfully designed nooks to have private calls or conversations. 


Plus, gaining a professional address is a bonus when hotdesking as a freelancer or remote worker. Having a prestigious postcode under your name can go a long way in boosting your professional image and stops clients, acquaintances or just strangers on the internet from having access to your home address. 


Hotdesking at The Brew 


Working from your local coffee shop may have a charming ambience — but for the price of a daily coffee and snack stop, you could benefit from all the perks of a shared office with a hotdesking membership from The Brew… 


Our hotdesk plans are crafted to suit our customers, with no strings attached. For example, if you’re just looking for a reliable hotdesking solution in a well-connected London location, our Freedom package could be the ideal solution.  


In the market for a membership with all the bells and whistles? Our Freedom Plus package offers a free registered address, two free meeting room hours a month and a virtual office Collect membership on us, allowing you to pick up your post in person when it suits you.  


Alternatively, our Day passes give you the flexibility to book in advance or drop by when you need to.  


No matter your membership, you can cancel it at any time, so you’re not bogged down by never-ending contracts. 


Hotdesking members get unlimited access to our Hotdesk Hub every Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM, benefitting from superfast Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments and support from our friendly customer service team, who are always there to assist you.  


Plus, we host regular workshops and events where you can network, share your knowledge with like-minded people and gain practical tips for your business — allowing you to make the most of The Brew’s community. 


Ready to make the move to a coworking space? Discover more about our hotdesking services in Shoreditch and book a tour today!