How can a serviced office boost your sustainability efforts?

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The way companies go about finding new office space is changing. As the working world adapts, more teams are turning towards serviced offices and other flexible workspaces to remain agile and avoid being trapped by strict, long-term lease commitments.


And for responsible business leaders, there’s another item on the agenda: sustainability.


These days, ‘sustainability’ is more than just a buzzword or trending hashtag. It’s a standard that’s become a boardroom concern for businesses across a range of industries.


So, today’s workspace providers are doing more than offering businesses the freedom to collaborate on their own terms. In 2023, they’re also finding unique and innovative ways of boosting efficiency and reducing our collective carbon footprint.


Intrigued? With Earth Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to uncover the sustainability benefits of moving your business into a savvy serviced office…


What makes serviced offices a sustainable workspace alternative? 


With the increased pressure to start reversing the climate crisis and the growing need for workspaces that positively impact employee well-being, serviced offices could be the sustainable office solution businesses are looking for. But how?


First and foremost, these facilities offer something that not all offices can: a culture of sharing.


Say your company has 20 employees spread across different branches, with some operating from buildings that aren’t being fully utilised — yet still need access to utilities and supplies. Although each person’s consumption might not amount to much on an average day, it can quickly add up when you look at your organisation’s carbon footprint as a whole…


In serviced offices, resources and equipment — from printers and hot water machines to meeting room projectors — are shared by everyone, conserving electricity and reducing waste. Plus, many shared workspaces have on-site recycling facilities, making it even easier for employees to do their bit for the environment.


What’s more, office developers are now integrating environmentally conscious designs and the latest energy-saving technology into their buildings to further improve efficiency in working environments.


Around 80% of the energy consumption in buildings is for heating and cooling, whilst the rest goes to lighting and electric appliances. But there are many ways modern serviced offices can reduce emissions — from installing intelligent lighting (such as infrared sensor lights, energy-efficient LED panels and a Cat 6 lighting system) to investing in power over ethernet technology and state-of-the-art aircon and airflow systems.


With these eco-friendly spaces dotted all over major city centres, ‘green’ commuting is also a little more accessible. Being conveniently located near bike paths (with bike storage and shower facilities on-site) and public transport means fewer employees driving to work, reducing individuals’ CO2 emissions.


And these eco-friendly credentials aren’t all that’s great about serviced offices…


What are the other benefits of serviced office spaces?


Sustainability should be at the top of your agenda when looking for a new home for your business. Still, there are other features of serviced office spaces that come in handy when launching your company off the ground…


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you can’t predict what’s around the corner. So, you won’t want to be tied into a lengthy agreement whilst getting set up.


Fortunately, unlike a conventional office lease, serviced workspaces can be rented short-term — with bills and utilities included. Result!


Serviced offices come equipped with everything a company needs to hit the ground running, including storage, printing facilities and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. And usually, they have additional benefits like reception staff, conference rooms and event spaces to sweeten the deal.


Moving in is also easy, as serviced offices are fully furnished with utilities like water and electricity already hooked up.


Choosing one of these spaces means you have everything you need immediately — and you only pay for the space you require. For start-ups and small businesses that can’t afford to miss a single phone call, these ready-made solutions can minimise some of the biggest stresses of an office move.


Whether you’re looking for ways to make your business more eco-friendly or simply searching for a flexible hub for your growing enterprise (with the added perk of sustainable design), these modern workspaces can provide a cost-effective, easily accessible and collaborative environment for your team.


At The Brew, we’re constantly striving to honour our green commitment. And with the help of First Mile, we’re bettering ourselves every year! Take a look around our private office spaces in Shoreditch and contact our team at +44 (0)20 7770 6283 for more information.