How to boost collaboration in the workplace

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Everyone’s talking about workplace collaboration these days. However, despite how often the term gets thrown around, it still feels like some businesses are getting it wrong. But why?


Often, when we talk about collaboration, we’re actually thinking about cooperation, which means working with others to achieve our own goals. You know, many hands make light work and all that. On the contrary, collaboration is really about working with others to achieve shared goals — which is becoming all the more critical as companies embrace the hybrid working model.


There’s no doubt that the post-pandemic rise of remote working nudged ‘collaboration’ into buzzword status. With millions worldwide shifting to Zoom calls, chat rooms and shared screens, many employers have been forced to re-evaluate how their teams work together.


So, why is it crucial to ensure your employees can collaborate effectively?


Teamwork makes the dream work…


On average, employees spend 50% of their workday engaged in collaborative work, so ensuring your teams can work together effectively is vital. Not only can this help to manage heavy workloads and boost creative idea generation, but it’s also the key to a happy team.


A study by Wrike found that lack of communication and team members not pulling their weight contributed to the most workplace stress, leading employees to feel disengaged. And as the skills shortage continues to affect industries worldwide, it’s never been more important to think about how improving collaboration in the workplace could increase productivity and retention within your business.


Many small to medium-sized businesses have been left understaffed and overworked in the wake of the pandemic and economic uncertainty — but a collaborative environment can help pool everyone’s knowledge, skills and expertise to fill the gaps.


Plus, by sharing tasks between collaborators, every team member is engaged — enhancing overall output and cost-efficiency by sharing resources and cutting down on unproductive hours. These are crucial considerations for many business leaders in 2023 as rising inflation stretches budgets more thinly.

So, there’s no doubt that collaborative working is at the heart of a successful business — but where to start?


Improving collaboration within your business


As times change and we adopt new working practices, it’s crucial to ensure that collaboration is still consistent throughout every department — no matter when and where employees work.


Are your teams struggling to work together effectively? There are a few things you can try to boost collaboration within your workplace…


Use communication tools


Communications software and technology have become saving graces for teams everywhere in the post-pandemic world.


By providing the tools for your employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate through instant messaging, secure file-sharing, workflow trackers and video calling, you can ensure your teams are able to work together uninterrupted by technical difficulties wherever they are.


Put your heads together


Many people do their best work when they can share ideas and troubleshoot problems with colleagues.


So, it’s important to create regularly scheduled opportunities for your teams to put their heads together — especially if your business has a flexible hours policy. To avoid putting people on the spot, send prompts and meeting notes in advance and encourage your remote workers to share their thoughts in group chats and virtual calls.


Encourage team engagement


Encouraging teamwork is essential to creating an atmosphere where new ideas can flourish. A fun and engaging day of group activities is a great way to get your staff to think outside the box — improving decision-making and problem-solving skills, keeping the team motivated and improving communication.


Planning social get-togethers like after-work activities or group lunches can also help to expand collaboration across the office.


Create a collaborative environment


Arranging your office in a way that makes collaborative working more accessible can ensure your team has space to work independently as well as in teams when needed.


It’s also beneficial to have adequate meeting spaces where everyone can share their ideas and catch up. Do remote workers on the team need to dial in and jump on calls? Having a TV or monitor in the meeting space keeps everyone involved.


And don’t forget — comfort is key. Dim office lighting and cramped, overcrowded spaces don’t stir up much inspiration. Curating a light, open office space where employees can nip over to someone’s desk is much more likely to support a culture of collaboration.


Find your perfect office space solution


Finding the right base for your business is no easy feat. Fortunately, we’re here to offer a hassle-free solution…


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